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Your Five Favorite Articles

10 Facts About Elephants That Will Make You Smile: These 10 facts about elephants will make you smile and brighten up your day. These sensitive, empathic creatures have a tendency to do that.

QUIZ: Can You Name These African Holidays? Easter may be happening around the world, but there are some holidays that are particular to various African countries. Test your knowledge here.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mombasa: Centuries of history and a mix of rulers mean this coastal city has a fascinating culture and numerous remnants of the past that are worth discovering. From the city’s founding, to the battles fought at Fort Jesus, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Kenya’s “other” city.

10 Fair Trade Shops In Africa You Need To Visit: Whether you’re shopping for curios, the latest women’s fashions or just local crafts during your trip to Africa, it pays to buy fair trade sourced items because your purchase will help to enrich the lives of local African artisans and communities.

10 African Tribal Traditions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: African tribal traditions can be equally mysterious and fascinating to Westerners. Whether they involve marriage, coming of age, child-rearing or living arrangements, these ancient customs are as diverse and numerous as there are tribes in Africa.


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Hotel Of The Week: Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Becoming A Safari Guide, Part 1: Pulling Helen’s Hair

Restaurant Of The Week: On The Rocks, Cape Town


Getting Up Close And Personal With The Elephants Of The Okavango

10 Fantastic Vintage Photos Of Africa

15 Photos That Will Entice You To Splurge On A Luxury Safari In South Africa


African Wild Dog Rescued From Snare!

My Abuja, From The Africa Channel

Whoops, Missed It! Lions Fail To Nab Easy Zebra Meal


Deal Of The Week: SAA Spring/Summer Sale On Flights From US To South Africa & Ghana


Hard Rock Cafe Opens In Nigeria’s Most Populous City, Lagos

Obama’s And Pope’s Visits Fail To Jumpstart Tourism In Kenya


Triniti Airport Hotel, Dar es Salaam

The Souk at Slipway Hotel, Dar es Salaam

Prana Lodge, South Africa

Medina Palms, Watamu

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