10 Fun Things To Do In Cape Verde

Made up of ten volcanic beautiful islands, Cape Verde is a small country located in the central Atlantic Ocean. With amazing beaches, great hiking areas, scuba diving sites, and cute towns, it’s also a piece of paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors. Here are a few fun things to do in Cape Verde.

coral at sal in cape verde

(Toby Hudson/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Go Scuba Diving 

There are numerous places to dive in Cape Verde with at least a dozen dive sites around the island situated in multiple areas. Expect to see a variety of fish, sharks and coral while you’re down below. One of the best operators on the island is Cabo Verde Diving.

2. Enjoy An Active Day At CaboNed 

Whether you’re wanting to go on a day trip, do a walking tour or go on a photo safari, CaboNed is the perfect place to do so. This family run business on the island of Santiago takes tourists on an epic adventure while accommodating all their needs.

centro nacional de artesanato in cape verde

(Tetraktys/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Visit Centro Nacional de Artesanato 

On the island of São Vicente is the Centro Nacional de Artesanato. With some of Cape Verde’s best craftsmen working here, you can get paintings, ceramics, fabrics and wooden works all at a good price.

4. Visit Pedra de Lume Salt Crater 

Located in the northeastern part of Sal, this village is absolutely stunning and is most famous for its 18th century salt crater. The crater is around 500m in radius and is an extinct volcano. There are also curative salt baths built over a natural salt lake, which tourists can swim in.

surfing safari in cape verde

(IDS.photos/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Go On A Surf Safari

If you love to surf and would like to explore some of the Cape Verde’s best surf spots then go on a Cape Verde Surf Safari. Whether you’re a beginning or experienced surfer, the safari caters for all levels of experience.

Santa_Isabel in Cape Verde

(Ingo Wölbern/Wikimedia Commons)

6. Visit Santa Isabel 

The beautiful church parish of Santa Isabel covers the western part of the island of Boa Vista. If you want to go to a beautiful church service, then Santa Isabel is the place to go. 

kite surfinig in cape verde

(Fieldy1234/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Stay in Praia de Santa Maria 

With stunning hotels, loads of activities (including kitesurfing), and beautiful beaches, Praia de Santa Maria is definitely worth the visit despite its small size. It’s perfect for lounging on the beach and slashing in the refreshing ocean water. 

Fortaleza Real de San Felipe in cape verde

(Wikimedia Commons)

8. Visit Fortaleza Real de San Felipe 

With amazing views of the island of Santiago, Fortaleza Real de San Felipe is a historic fort and museum — a must-see for history buffs.


Wikimedia Commons / Manuel de Sousa

9. Explore Buracono – Olho Azul 

Go see the Olho Azul in Buracono. As part of a tour, you’ll get to see the Blue Eye as sunlight shines into a cave and light streams to the surface of the water.

leonardo cafe

Courtesy of leonardocafe.com

10. Eat At Leonardo Cafe Restaurant 

Leonardo Cafe Restaurant is a chic and comfortable restaurant that gives its guests a real taste of Italy. Located on the island of Santa Maria, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner steps away from the ocean.

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