Fun And Educational Family Activities In Fez

Families visiting Fez will quickly find fun and educational attractions in every part of the city. The city is also appealing to families because it’s a less crowded destination than Marrakech, Casablanca or Tangier. Consider these 15 great things to do when looking for family activities in Fez. (Note: most of these activities are best suited to kids age 5 and older.)

Dar el-Makhzen

Dar el-Makhzen(User:China_Crisis/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Visit Dar el-Makhzen

This palace provides a great opportunity for families to learn about the history of Fez. The large brass doors, ornate cedar wood, zellij and lemon trees all stand out among the grounds.

fez leather goods

Leather handicrafts on the souk of Fez (Shutterstock)

2. Go Sightseeing At Henna Souk

The henna souk is a traditional market that sells ceramics as well as cosmetics such as henna. Children can learn about currency and culture as they see locals at work.

Fes Woodwork

Fes Woodwork(Elgaard/Wikimedia Commons)

3. View The Exhibits Of Dar Batha Museum

Once a palace, the Batha Museum is now home to a collection of historical artifacts. Woodcarving, embroidery, carpets, and ceramics are all included among the exhibitions. And the charming garden is the perfect place for a fun family walk, when weather permits.

Golf Ball

Golf Ball(Peter Griffin/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Play Golf At The Royal Golf Club of Fez

Bring the whole family for a day of golfing at this popular Fez attraction. Large bunkers as well as extensive waterways make the course a fun but challenging choice for older kids and adults.

Medresa el-Attarine

Medresa el-Attarine(Jerzystrzelecki/Wikimedia Commons)

5. View The Architectural Details Of Medersa el-Attarine

The Medersa el-Attarine is a standout architectural attraction with quiet spaces that every family will enjoy. Prominent details to look out for include a courtyard, decorative tile, carved plaster and onyx columns.

Jardin Jnan Sbil

Jardin Jnan Sbil Lorenz C. Töpperwien/

6. Take A Break In Jardin Jnan Sbil

This small garden space is the perfect spot for a quiet break from sightseeing. Guests can take in the fountains and beautiful plants that are found throughout the grounds. Consider visiting after seeing Bab Boujloud.

Moroccan Cannon

Moroccan Cannon(Uploadmo/Wikimedia Commons)

7. See The Cannons At Musee Des Arms

Take a tour of Morocco’s military history at this unique museum. Artifacts and exhibits highlight cannons as well as other items. Visit the roof for outstanding views of the area.

Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts

Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts [Elgaard/Wikimedia Commons]

8. Spend The Morning At Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts

The Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts presents exhibits focusing on historical tools used for crafting. Musical instruments and chests are just some of the items featured. A cafe is also located in the museum.

berber people

Courtesy of ActiveSteve/

9. See The Festival Of Amazigh Culture

The Festival of Amazigh Culture is a great way to learn about local traditions. Shows from the Amazigh or Berber culture as well as music and workshops are presented throughout the area.

Foodie Friday Photo: Bread And Pastries In The Fez Medina

Photo by Ishay Govender

10. Take A Cooking Class At Cafe Clock

This fun cooking school helps anyone learn the finer points of popular regional cuisine. Guests do everything from planning meals to cooking their selected dishes. Several types of classes are available for every group size.

Fez, Morocco (Shutterstock)

Fez, Morocco (Shutterstock)

11. Hike Mount Zalagh

Take a day long hike along Mount Zalagh. Its extensive terrain presents a fun adventure for any family. Stay overnight to make the most of the area and its outstanding views.

Fez rooftops

Rooftops in Fez, Morocco (photo by Sarah Khan)

12. Visit Tombe Dei Merenidi

This centuries old attraction offers ruins that are in various states of decay. Hike through the structures and look out on the city from any part of the tombs.

Restaurant Near Bab Boujloud

Restaurant Near Bab Boujloud [Shawn Lipowski (Shawnlipowski)/Wikimedia Commons]

13. Take A Photo At The Bab Boujloud

This attraction is one of the best known sights in Fez. Take time for a photo op before venturing into the nearby square. Events such as fairs and concerts can be found around the structure year-round. 

Moulay Idriss

Moulay Idriss [George Swann/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Learn About The Founder Of Fez At Moulay Idriss Zawiya

The mausoleum for the founder of Fez features wood porches around the outside that are decorated with carvings and paintings. Plaster carvings are featured above doors as well as fountains.

Borj Nord

Borj Nord[Zipampa/Wikimedia Commons]

15. Climb The Stairs At Borj Nord

The steep stairs and elongated hallways of this older structure make it perfect for day long excursions. Its view of the city makes this destination the perfect spot for photographs of the whole family.

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This article was originally published on March 23, 2015.

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