Where To Go For Incredible Live Music In Marrakech

A trip to Marrakech isn’t complete without getting a dose of some great live music. Whether it’s a local rock band, a berber group, or a solo guitarist, you’ll find plenty of talented musicians to make your visit to the city a much grander one. From a swanky bar, to a well-known concert venue, to a seclusive dining establishment, here are the best places for live music worth visiting on your trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

so night lounge

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So Lounge

Want a place where you’ll find yourself double-checking that you’re in Marrakech and not in Las Vegas? Then you’ll love So Lounge, an outdoor lounge/bar surrounding a luxury pool, sporting neon flashing lights, cocktail drinks, and a menu full of tasty goods like sushi. Or smoke a hookah as a group of singers and dancers perform the night away. So Lounge has something different going on all the time, so guests can come in one night for a dance pop group outfitted with a live DJ, and come back the next night for a rap party.

blue bird

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Blue Bird Cocktail Bar

Not only does Blue Bird Cocktail Bar have stylish decor and fabulous mixed drinks, it’s a piano bar. Guests can put on their best cocktail dresses and suits to hang out in this cavern-like bar for a mixed drink while a bluesy piano player hits the keys. And if you’re feeling a bit hungry by the 10th song, you can order a charcuterie plate and other gourmet snacks to pair with your drinks.


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Find the perfect spot where you can enjoy a hearty meal of pizzas and burgers while listening to live music in a nightclub venue. Faktory’z is a popular haunt for young locals to dance the night away and listen to live music. The venue is so popular that well-known musicians and DJs from Europe will travel to Marrakech just to play in this establishment. So make plans with a group of friends to grab a burger and some drinks before heading out to the dance floor and meet the locals.

la mamounia

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Le Bar Churchill

If you’re familiar with Marrakech, then you’ll know that La Mamounia Hotel is the most glitzy place in town. Inside, there’s a swanky night club with live music for you to enjoy (you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel either). The bar, Le Churchill is a cozy lounge outfitted with velvet furniture, red leather walls, leopard skin carpet and an elegant stage for a blues or jazz band to serenade to you. The venue is so extravagant that it of course has a strict dress code. Women have to wear elegant outfits and shorts are strictly forbidden at the bar. This is the perfect atmosphere to take a date and get into the romantic spirit.

lotus club

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Lotus Club

For a carnival-like setting where you can expect anything from Berber musicians to dancing showgirls in sequined bikinis and feathers, Lotus Club is the place to be. Enjoy the luxury atmosphere of crystal chandeliers, dimly lit tables, and spacious windows overlooking an exotic garden while sharing hookah flavors with your table as bellydancers make their way around the club. The menu consists of everything from steaks, to sushi, to tajines.


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Find the hottest party in town at Epicurien, where the venue is not shy of crazy, kitschy-themed nights. During concerts, expect props to be thrown around like an inflated, oversized donut, confetti and guitarists dressed up as teddy bears. Epicurien is known for having costume nights during its live shows, so locals use this venue as an opportunity to dress up in the craziest outfits they can put together. Make plans to have your dinner here as well. Your table spread will be as kitschy as possible with gingham patterns, pineapples and abstract lamps. If you have extra cash to spend, reserve the VIP tickets for the best tables and extra perks to wrap the night together perfectly.

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