Bring The Kids!: 15 Fun Family Things To Do In Marrakech

Drop that Disneyland pamphlet and step away — it’s time to take your kids on a real cultural adventure. Not only will a trip to Marrakech blow your kids’ minds, but you too will be left breathless by this beautiful city which is definitely kid-friendly. Here are 15 fun family things to do in Marrakech.

camel riding

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1. Ride on a camel

Your child’s trip to Morocco will be meaningless if he/she did not ride on a camel.

snake charmer

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2. Watch a snake charmer

Your children will be astonished at this centuries-old trick and it will keep them on their toes.

marrakech pastry

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3. Sample all sorts of Moroccan pastries

Show your child that there’s more to sweets than just birthday cakes and Ho Hos. In Marrakech, you will see pastry vendors displaying homemade goods such as ktefa, baklava and semolina cakes for your child to sample.

swimming pool

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4. Go swimming

Your hotel most likely will have a decent (if not fantastic) pool adorned in Moroccan mosaics and surrounded by palm trees. Nothing is more refreshing for you and your kids than taking a dip in a pool after a long day of camel riding in the hot sun. 

el badi palace

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5. Learn about history at El Badi Palace

Make this trip an educational learning experience by taking your children to the ruins of El Badi Palace. Built in 1578 by captive Christians during the Portugal-Morocco war, the palace was built for a sultan who lived there while commandeering the battle. Your child will gain a deeper understanding of Moroccan history.


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6. Explore the souk

Take your kids to the local souks to shop for souvenirs. Moroccan leather, dresses, shoes, jewelry and ceramics are all available for you to take home at a decent price.

street performance

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7. Watch locals perform traditional dances

Usually in the souks or open squares, you will find dancers and musicians playing their traditional music. Your child can watch the Moroccan dancing and maybe partake in some of the dances (depending on the performers).

jardin majorelle

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8. Admire the cactus garden at Jardin Majorelle

Originally the home of famous fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent until his death in 2008, the property is now open to the public to admire. Surrounding the striking blue house, odd arrangements of palm and cactus trees scatter around like a Dr. Seuss landscape. Inside, your children can view some Islamic art including jewelry and textiles.

berber people

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9. Milk a goat at Berber Cultural Center

Smack dab in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the center allows you and your kids to learn about the culture and history of local Berber people. Your child will participate in ordinary Moroccan routines such as making textiles, milking goats, traditional cooking and taking a donkey down to the well to feed.


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10. Get a henna design

Come on, what kid wouldn’t like this?

horse carriage

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11. Ride on a horse carriage around the city

When you visit the city’s center, you should find several horse carriages waiting to take you and your kids around the city. So kick back, relax with your kids, and marvel at Marrakech’s architecture.

monkey marrakech

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12. Meet some monkeys

In popular squares, you might see a couple of men with monkeys that allow you and your kids to pet the animals and take pictures (for a small fee). The monkey most likely can do some tricks and partake in performances.

cyber park

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13. Stroll/run around Cyber Park

Sometimes your kids just want to run around. Cyber Park is the place to take your kids to explore the area while you can sit on a bench in the shade and relax.

chez ali

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14. Watch Arabian horses at Chez Ali

Although Chez Ali is a bit on the touristy side, it never fails to bring smiles to children’s faces. Arabian horses, camels and belly dancers will perform for you while you and your kids munch on Moroccan cuisine.

sand duning

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15.  Go sand duning

Whether it’s on a camel’s back or by a four wheeler, it’s a must-do to take your kids to the desert. Although, renting four wheelers might be a bit more fun for your kids.

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