Contemporary Art Galleries In Marrakech You Need To Check Out

Thanks to its breathtaking architecture, lively souks, high-end resorts and restaurants serving delicious fare, Marrakech is one of the most favored cities when it comes to visiting Morocco. But art lovers, did you know you can get your fix here as well? The city is not shy on its collection of pristine art galleries featuring fascinating contemporary artworks. Get ready to turn your adventure into a highbrow one, here are the contemporary art galleries of Marrakech you must check out.

matisse art gallery

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Matisse Art Gallery

If you’re an art collector, you’re most likely familiar with one of  the world’s most famous French artists, Henri Matisse. The late painter spent several years in Morocco because he was inspired by its beautiful surroundings which can be seen reflected in some of his paintings. Marrakech is proud to be home to a stand-alone art gallery featuring the works of the artist at Matisse Art Gallery. Today, visitors can browse through its large collection of original works as well as other artists that dabble in abstract art. Monitor the gallery’s website to catch any of its rotating exhibits that are coming up.

voice gallery

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Voice Gallery

A fantastic spot to see contemporary and abstract pieces is at Voice Gallery in Sidi Ghanem, where new artists are featured periodically. Many international and local artists have showcased their works here in various mediums from sculptures, to photography, to oil painting. Voice Gallery’s purpose is to support emerging young artists into the art scene for the community to discover new talents. The art gallery has a minimalist layout, so art lovers can focus their attention on nothing but the art pieces. Many of the artworks are available for purchase, too.

david bloch

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David Bloch Gallery

Make your art loving friends back at home seeth with envy by attending a one-of-a-kind art gallery. The David Bloch Gallery focuses on contemporary works highlighting thought-provoking subjects and bold usage of colors and patterns. The gallery features different artists from across the globe (as well as Moroccan artists) on a month-or-two basis, so there’s always something new to see on each visit. The impressive layout of the gallery gives it an urban, industrial feel, a perfect setting for colors on canvases to bring life into the room.

6.4 gallery

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6.4 Gallery

When you’re in the Hotel Opera Plaza Avenue area, drop in at 6.4 Gallery to check out the latest exhibit. Like the other contemporary galleries, 6.4 rotates its artists periodically, but art lovers may want to catch its opening night parties that are held every time there’s a new exhibit to check out. This way, you’ll not only get to browse through the new pieces, but also mingle with other like-minded art lovers over hors d’oeuvres and aperitifs.

wall street gallery

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Wall Street Gallery

Each month, different international artists make their way to Marrakech to showcase their best works at Wall Street Gallery. Many of the artists specialize in street art, graffiti, contemporary and urban art. While many of the street artists express themselves on the streets, at Wall Street Gallery, they take their creativity on canvases for the public to see indoors and possibly purchase. So head on over there and see who’s the hottest new artist in the urban street art world.

yves saint laurent

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Musee Yves Saint Laurent

One of Marrakech’s most famous ex-pats, Yves Saint Laurent spent a large portion of his life in Morocco. The city has an art museum in honor of the late fashion designer by showcasing the works of multiple artists and photographers who have worked with Yves Saint Laurent over the years. Guests are not only going to be impressed with the art collection, but will also be mesmerized by the extraordinary architecture the gallery is housed in as well as the surrounding landscape. In addition to the art exhibit, visitors can also view mannequins wearing original designs of the fashion designer’s.

galerie 127

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Galerie 127

If you’re walking in the Gueliz neighborhood and spot a building of art deco architecture, chances are, it’s the Galerie 127. Head inside and you’ll find an impressive collection of abstract and contemporary art pieces. The gallery welcomes both well-known artists as well as new and emerging artists to get them introduced to the art community. So stop by and check out what’s on the wall in between your shopping and sightseeing tour.

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