15 Photos Of The Nile River That We Absolutely Love

What makes the Nile River so special other than being the longest river on the continent? Well, you’ll be able to see for yourself. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 15 photos of the Nile River that will make you want to go see it for yourself right now.


Courtesy of Jeremiah John McBride/Flickr.com

This lovely hippo is about to take her 8th bath for the day.


Courtesy of Rod Waddington/Flickr.com

This view of Murchison Falls like a setting of an Indiana Jones flick, doesn’t it?


Courtesy of Lip Kee/Flickr.com

When Mortimer the wildebeest accidentally lets one rip in the pool.


Courtesy of risastla/Flickr.com

Sunset falls over the Nile River near Aswan.

nile boy

Courtesy of Kandukuru Nagarjun/Flickr.com

A local boy paddles his way around the Nile River in Uganda.


Courtesy of Jorge Lascar/Flickr.com

The Nile River doesn’t just run through nature. As the second longest river in the world, the route takes you through vast scenery including the concrete jungle of modern Cairo.


Courtesy of Carine06/Flickr.com

Pied Kingfishers getting all the good stuff on the banks of the river before the other birds come.

nile crocodile

Courtesy of Rowley Taylor/Flickr.com

You didn’t think we’d go without a picture of the famous Nile crocodiles did you?


Courtesy of Andrew Currie/Flickr.com

A lovely view from from Movenpick’s Jollie Ville with the Valley of the Kings in the backdrop.

nile camels

Courtesy of Karl Schneider/Flickr.com

Found near Aswan, camels are commonly found along the riverbank.

eating croc

Courtesy of Bernard Dupont/Flickr.com

A fish meets its end at feeding time.

Courtesy of dingopup / flickr Creative commons 2.0 SA 

Boats rowing down the nile.


Courtesy of floschen/Flickr.com

Elephants found wandering nearby the river in Uganda.


Courtesy of Steve Slater/Flickr.com

A crocodile happily greets you as you make your first visit to the river.

nile woman

Courtesy of Ernest McGray, Jr./Flickr.com

A woman watches a camel being prepared for a ride by the river.

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