The Best Dining Experiences In Tunis

Home to high end resorts, secluded beaches and a lively nightlife, Tunis is a growing stomping ground for tourists to get away from their everyday’s stress and routine. You’ll want to bring your appetite with you because Tunis has some fabulous restaurants up its sleeves for you to enjoy. Get ready to dine like a socialite, these are the best dining experiences in Tunis.

la closerie

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La Closerie

Dine out in a restaurant that feels more like a swanky bar than an eatery. At La Closerie, guests enjoy the modern atmosphere with slick furniture, abstract artwork and neon lights to set the mood. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean fare with a touch of Italian influence, an unusual fusion, but continues to delightfully surprise people as it works. Really well. Reserve your table in advance and enjoy the tranquil vibe as you try out new flavors.

dar el jeld

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Dar El Jeld

Located in a luxurious boutique hotel, Dar El Jeld is among the most favored restaurant in Tunis for a very good reason. Diners have reported to be mesmerized by the endless walls of mosaic art, giving them a feel of dining in a palace. Guests will get to sample traditional Tunisian dishes like seafood, couscous and freshly-baked bread loafs. This is an ideal spot to take a date or impress your group in a lavish setting. And to top it all off, order a bottle of Tunisian wine to make the evening more glamorous.

el ali

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El Ali

Exotic Tunisian architecture with detailed art. Live Tunisian music. Rooftop dining. You name it, El Ali has it all to provide an exciting and fun atmosphere to enjoy delicious Tunisian seafood. El Ali is conveniently located in the Media, so visitors can easily pay a visit to the establishment before or after their shopping. Save room for dessert, you’ll want to sample some of their signature cakes or milkshakes (order a teapot of mint tea to end the night perfectly).

salle a manger

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Salle a Manger

Eat delicious food al fresco at Salle a Manger, where guests feel as if they’re dining in a lavish garden. The restaurant operates as a wine bar with mouth-watering dishes like rack of lamb, locally-caught fish, clams, steaks and more. When the weather isn’t permitting, you can take your fun indoors and enjoy the grand interior that has a mixture of bohemian inspiration with modern influence.

le comptoir

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Le Comptoir de Tunis

Find your gastronomical delight at Le Comptoir de Tunis, where diners can try out innovative flavors in a contemporary building in the heart of Tunis. Items on the menu includes carpaccio, salmon, foie gras, mini burgers and more. The meals are meant to serve tapas style to allow diners to sample as much as they can. However, to really impress your significant other on a date or your group, order the Beluga caviar, the world’s most highly sought-after and expensive, available on the menu. 

la spigola

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La Spigola

For an Instagram-worthy spot to snap pictures of a fantastic seafood spread that’ll make your friends and family back at home drool with envy, check out La Spigola. There, you’ll notice a large table with fresh seafood in ice carefully displayed like a work of art. Diners can walk up to the spread and select the fish of their choice before a talented chef cooks it on the spot for them. While waiting for the seafood meal, guests can kick back and enjoy the European setting with chandeliers, white tablecloths and a complimentary bread basket.


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To get your French food fix, stop by L’astragale, where the eclectic vibe makes diners feel as if they’re in a nightclub surrounded by lush palm trees, and modern architecture. There, you’ll find all the traditional French dishes from fish, to duck confit, to chocolat parfaits. The food is so authentic that native French people says it tastes just like home. When the weather is nice (and that’s often), request to eat out in its garden patio where you’ll dine under the stars with its water fountain. Enjoy.

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