The Top Restaurants In Fez, Morocco

Home to some of the world’s most famous tanneries, fabulous architecture and luxury resorts, it’s a no-brainer why people will go out of their way to explore Fez. You might have an itinerary lined up of all the iconic places to visit, but where are you going to eat? Let us take care of that for you and steer you in the right direction with delicious food and mesmerizing atmosphere. Get ready for a culinary adventure, here are the top restaurants in Fez, Morocco.


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In the heart of Fez’s Medina, a glitzy restaurant continues to grab attention of culinary magazines and food critics from around the world. Nur is Chef Najat Kaanache’s baby, where she works hard at devising recipes of authentic Moroccan dishes with a touch of European influence. Her meals are so popular that world re-known chef, Ferran Adria raved about her gastronomic success. When eating at Nur, you won’t order from a menu, instead you’ll sit through a 10-course improvisational meal using Moroccan ingredients, seafood and high quality meat. Guests especially love the swanky setting of polished mosaic floors and minimalist elements.

maison moi anan

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Maison Moi Anan

Believe it or not, you can get incredibly delicious Thai food right here in Fez. At Maison Moi Anan, Chef Anan Sorsutham uses the freshest ingredient to create authentic Thai dishes. Whatever ingredient that cannot be locally sourced is imported from Thailand to give diners the most genuine plate possible. The restaurant is located inside a fashion brand building of Fez Moroccan architecture with a boutique shop, meaning diners can go shopping before or after eating.

cafe clock

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Cafe Clock

Treat yourself to a lavish, Moroccan dinner in a historic 250-year-old courthouse that’s often filled with local artists and musicians. Cafe Clock serves up an innovative menu that includes camel burgers, minted vegetable quiche, fig and bleu cheese salad and pumpkin bissara. You’ll want to save room for dessert, since they are known for having some of the best mouth-watering plates like sticky date pudding, and orange and almond sephardic cake. Make your outing more interesting by watching a classic flick in its authentic old cinema located on the premises.

ruined garden

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The Ruined Garden

Located in the busy Medina, The Ruined Garden makes for another fantastic place to eat. The restaurant is in a riad where guests are escorted out to a idyllic patio garden filled with bougainvillea and other native Moroccan plants. Diners will feast on traditional tajine meals using sardines, saffron, olives, tomatoes and more. If you smell freshly baked bread, it’s not your imagination. The restaurant doubles as a bakery and offers bread-making courses to learn the art of making true Moroccan bread.

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Eden at Palais Amani

Once you walk inside this luxury riad hotel, you’ll know you’re about to have a fantastic night at Eden at┬áPalais Amani. The riad itself is luxurious and rich in Moroccan interior details, but once you go out in the patio to dine, you’ll be mesmerized by the romantic garden setting with citrus trees and dimly lit candles. Diners can enjoy a three-course menu full of seasonal goods so they can taste the freshest and in-season recipes. If you’re looking for a fabulous spot for breakfast or Sunday brunch, Eden is your place, too. The place is known to serve traditional Moroccan breakfasts filled with freshly-squeezed orange juice, yogurt, jam, cheese and bread.

dar roumana

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Dar Roumana

Get your Moroccan plate with French infusion at Dar Roumana at the Medina. Diners will feel as if they’s stumbled upon a royal Moroccan home with a touch of Paris bistro. The building is surrounded with mosaics, exotic plants and wood carved doors to make guests truly feel like a celebrity. Among the Franco-Moroccan dishes you can try out are braised rabbit with seeded mustard sauce, roasted pumpkin salad with tahini, seared fish with saffron, and much more. After finishing up your meal, order a pot of mint tea which will be brought to you in a silver, lavish teapot on a silver platter to kick back and enjoy.

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