Fun And Free Things To Do In Fez, Morocco

Traveling to Fez doesn’t always have to be a burden on your wallet. Many travelers who are on a budget have devised multiple ways to get around on the cheap and are also able to find accommodations without breaking the bank. So if you’re making plans to stop by Fez on your next trip to Morocco, put your money back in your wallet, because we’ve got your back on this. Here are the top free things to do in Fez, Morocco.


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Explore the Souks

While you’ll run into the chances of vendors trying to sell you things, you simply don’t have to spend a single cent. Instead, just take your time to explore the wondrous beauty of Moroccan souks that are filled with colorful rugs, silver trinkets, vintage artifacts, potteries and leather goods made right in the city. Keep in mind to always ask permission to take photos of the vendors, as some won’t want you to take photos of their products. Many locals are uncomfortable with having their photos taken as well.


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Watch the tannery in action

Ever wondered how leather is dyed? This is your chance to see it in action by watching the¬†tannery in Fez (and for free too!). Stop by the world famous Chouara Tannery where you can peacefully watch the men hovering over barrels of liquid dye and dipping leather before selling it to craftsmen that will turn them into gorgeous handbags, shoes and more. You might want to bring a scarf though as the smell around the area isn’t too pleasant.

merenid tombs

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Visit Merenid Tombs

These tombs were built in the 14th century are just ruins which tourists can freely explore (at no expense). But you’re not just coming here to look at the fascinating ruins, you’ll also get a great vantage point to view Fez since the Merenid Tombs are situated on a high hill. From there, you’ll see the entire city along with stunning nature and fields full of grazing sheep and goats.


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Explore Mellah

When exploring the old city, it’s important to stop by Mellah, otherwise known as the Jewish quarters. You’ll know you’ve found the place once you’ve come across streets with blue and white buildings. Half of the section is in ruins and only approximately 70 Jews are left in this neighborhood (it used to have a population of 250,000). Take your time to explore the area and get a true sense of its history. And of course, there are many great photo opportunities at every turn. While there, you can also explore the Jewish cemetery at no cost.


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Walk around and take pictures of the incredibly stunning doors

Anyone that has been in Fez will tell you that the city is home to some of the most gorgeous doors found in every nook and cranny on its streets. Take a walk through its medina and neighborhoods to find lavishly decorated doors and snap pictures to build up a collection in your photo album or Instagram account.

Jardin Jnan Sbil

Jardin Jnan Sbil Lorenz C. Töpperwien/Flickr)

Get your nature fix at Jnan Sbil

When traveling, it’s important to remember to stop and smell the roses. Jnan Sbil is the city’s own large park that’s rich in foliage, vibrant flowers and swaying palm trees. And it’s entirely free. Go there to unwind with a book and take in the full splendor of Fez’s garden. The park was formerly part of the Royal Palace but now is open to the public for locals and visitors to relax in.

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