Delectable Chocolate Boutiques To Check Out In South Africa

South Africa is known for its fabulous dining where visitors can order mouthwatering calamari at waterfront restaurants or biltong omelettes in a cozy countryside cafe. But lets not forget the chocolates. Whether you’re craving for something sweet or looking to purchase gifts for your loved ones back at home, these chocolate boutiques have got your back. So skip the desert and head down to the nearest shop, here are the top chocolate boutiques you must check out in South Africa.

Huguenot Fine Chocolates – Franschhoek

Get your finest imported Belgian mix at Hugenot Fine Chocolates in Franschhoek (right outside of Cape Town). The chocolatiers at the shop are Belgian-qualified who are able to work to deliver the same style and consistency you’d find in a remote chocolate village in Belgium. Each sweet is handcrafted and packaged differently to make excellent gifts for your friends and family. Among the chocolates you’ll find in this shop are Apricot Ganache, Amarula Cork, Mango Truffle, Dipped Nougat, Irish Coffee and more. There are seasonal chocolate flavors so you’ll find a rotating selection during each visit.

Honest Chocolate Cafe – Cape Town

When walking along the busy Loop street, you’ll be stopped in your tracks when you smell the rich cocoa coaxing you inside to Honest Chocolate Cafe. Chocolate lovers will have a hard time deciding what to order due to its impressive menu of chocolate bars with innovative flavors like Bittersweet Orange, Kalahari Sea Salt, and Cracked Coffee. You’ll notice other sweet delights at the cafe like muffins, scones, brownies, truffles and much more. Once you’ve ordered, bask in the glorious courtyard surrounded by historic stones and enjoy your treat.

Le Chocolatier SA – Stellenbosch

What stands out about Le Chocolatier SA in Stellenbosch is that you’ll be able to personalize your own chocolates and gift wrapping. Guests can order the chocolate bar of their choice with their own printed personal message and design on it to wish someone a happy birthday, a congrats on their wedding, or a simple “thinking of you” text with the person’s name on the wrapper. While there, hang around in its shop with a cappuccino, some pralines and a mini chocolate tasting to help you select the chocolate of your choice. This chocolate shop has two additional locations in Cape Town.


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Chocoloza – Johannesburg

You don’t have to go the Western Cape to get your boutique chocolate fix. Johannesburg is proud of its string of chocolatiers including Chocoloza, a shop that is firm in its all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, preservatives and palm oil. Visitors especially enjoy the upscale coffee shop atmosphere at Chocoloza with burnt orange lounge chairs comfortable enough to curl up with a good book as you nibble on the Belgian chocolate treats. The chocolatier does its best to use only locally source ingredients using fruits, milk and nuts from nearby farms.

Von Geusau Chocolates – Greyton

The small town of Greyton in Western Cape is home to one of the most prestigious chocolatiers on the continent. Von Geusau Chocolates was started by Richard von Geusau who was trained in fine chocolate making in Belgium, only to come to Greyton to share his recipe with his shoppers. Each chocolate bar and piece is carefully handcrafted and blended with aromatic spices and plants like rose geranium, lemon, vanilla, masala chai, rock salt, frankincense and more. Keep your eyes peeled for a new chocolate line that’s scheduled to make its appearance, using branded whiskey as an ingredient.


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CocoaFair – Cape Town

Head over to the Old Biscuit Mill in the Woodstock section of Cape Town and you’ll come across an artisan chocolate vendor, CocoaFair. The chocolates here are individually wrapped in different portions from bite size to a full bar, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike many chocolatiers that use a variety of aromatic ingredients to create their own flavors, CocoaFair sticks with one simple ingredient to blend in each chocolate like ginger, mint, chai spice and more. After all, sometimes less is more. Old Biscuit Mill is a popular hangout for tourists and locals to do their shopping, grab meals and take advantage of its outdoor picnic tables to enjoy their chocolate snacks.

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