16 Ways To Eat Biltong, South Africa’s Signature Snack Food

Known for its chewy, gamey texture and flavors stronger than your average beef jerky, this South African dried. cured meat is a must-try for every carnivore who has a penchant for savory tastes. Known for being MSG-free and gluten-free, biltong has proved to be a very versatile ingredient in a plethora of dishes. Here are 16 ways to eat biltong. 

1. Original Beef Biltong

Might as well get this one out of the way. The original sliced beef biltong is the most common way to eat biltong–like a beef jerky. This mouth-watering treat is traditionally spiked with black pepper and coriander. An alternative meat is the healthier low-fat and low-cholesterol ostrich biltong. 

2. Biltong Baked Potato

Why use bacon when you can go for the more exotic and adventurous biltong to accompany your baked potatoes? Every bite of your biltong baked potato will melt in your mouth and you can feel its oozy cheesiness and spices from the meat as it rolls around your tongue. Once you go biltong, you’ll never go back.

3. Peri Peri Biltong

This biltong packs a wallop. Alternatively called the pili pili, when sampling this snack, eat at your own risk because it’s laden with chili that will leave your mouth burning for a long time. A perfect treat for those who love their biltong extra spicy yet tasty.

4. Biltong Quiche

Once again, biltong can be substituted for bacon in this dish, which makes for a far richer taste. Like any quiche, the biltong quiche is just as delicious if complimented with various vegetables and herbs.

5.  Biltong Sandwich

Sliced biltong makes an excellent cold cut as well. Its strong flavors will require you to use less sauce and it will take longer to finish because of its chewy texture. 

6. Biltong Salad

Your dietitian will nod approval at this healthy dish, especially if you went with the ostrich biltong that is known to be rich in iron and protein. The strong savory taste of this meat will make any salad delicious and dieting a much easier process.

7.  Biltong Pizza

Unlike biltong salad, your dietitian will probably not approve of this. No need for Italian sausages or pepperoni when you can use biltong as a topping. The only downside is that you’ll be faced with disappointment when your local pizza joint does not offer biltong as a topping option.

8. Biltong Taco

¡Aye caramba! This easy-to-eat dish is a party in your mouth. Who doesn’t love it when you can fuse two great recipes together? 

9. Biltong-Sprinkled Mac n’ Cheese

This dish is designed to satisfy the kid in you with its gooey goodness, melted cheese and meaty bites. You’ll be fighting for a second helping from your family members, especially your kids. You’ll never want to open a box of Stouffer’s again.

10. Biltong Soup

There is nothing more perfect than biltong soup on a cold winter night to comfort you with its warmth and tasty flavors. Biltong can be added to multiple soups including bleu cheese, broccoli n’ cheese, seafood chowder, or any creamy soup.

11. Biltong Muffin

Don’t let this scare you off, but biltong muffins are a popular bakery treat. With their salty taste, these muffins act as the perfect side for any dish, including steaks, salads, or biltong soup to dip it in.

12. Biltong Risotto

Add extra oomph to your risotto with — you guessed it — biltong. This delectable combination will have your Italian grandmother re-thinking her decades-old family recipe. The risotto will make an excellent romantic dinner for two, or for one (because lets admit it, you’re not going to really want to share this one).

13. Biltong Bread

Nothing like a biltong bread to make your household feel cozy, as its smell wafts from your oven through every room. Biltong bread (which you can also add cheese to) makes a delicious toast and can be slathered with melted butter.

14. Biltong with Eggs

This protein-packed meal makes a hearty breakfast for the carnivore in you. Whether it comes scrambled, sunny side up, or as an omelette, the texture of eggs and biltong marries beautifully and you’ll be craving this every Sunday morning.

15. Biltong Sushi

Sushi chefs are always looking for new ingredients to make sushi with, so it’s not surprising that someone came up with this. It adds a gamey, salty kick to your average sushi roll, and can be truly delicious (if you like biltong, that is).

16. Biltong Cheesecake

The best is always saved for last–the biltong cheesecake. It should come as no surprise that this cheesecake is a popular dessert, as it provides both sweet and savory flavors for adventurous eaters.

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