6 Strange And Unusual African Beaches

When we think of beaches, we usually think of a quiet sanctuary with white sands, horizontal palm trees and crystal-clear water. For almost anyone, that’s simply paradise. But many African beaches can be found with all kinds of different landscapes that have their own personal flair that you won’t find in any other parts of the world. These extraordinary African beaches definitely deserve to be on your bucket list.

aldabra atoll

Courtesy of So Seychelles/Flickr.com

Aldabra Atoll – Seychelles

When it comes to lounging in the sun on the beaches of Aldabra Atoll, don’t be surprised if you wake up and find a giant tortoise staring back at you. Over 100,000 giant tortoises reside on these islands and can weigh up to 550 lbs. What makes this area unique is that it has raised coral reefs and is considered the second largest atoll in the world. This means beach goers will spot other wildlife such as stingrays and blacktip reef sharks in shallow water.

boulders beach

Courtesy of Joe Turco/Flickr.com

Boulders Beach – South Africa

It’s hard to imagine penguins thriving naturally in a warm climate at their own will. In Simon’s Town, right outside of Cape Town is a small strip of beach where African penguins have made their year-round home. Visitors can watch them from a nearby observatory deck and take great pleasure in watching them frolic in and out of the sea. While you can’t swim with them in the cordoned off area, nearby is a public beach available for swimming and it’s not uncommon to find a penguin or two paying a visit.

skeleton coast sea

Courtesy of Greg Willis/Flickr.com

Skeleton Coast – Namibia

Namibia is quite famous for its haunting Skeleton Coast. The entire coastline is 976-miles, where visitors can see remains of shipwrecks partially exposed in the sand. The boats aren’t the only skeletons of the land, millions of whale and seal bones are washed up on this shore, turning the beaches into a natural graveyard. If you’re going that way, be sure to take your experience up a notch and stay at some of its quirky hotels.

sidi bou said

Courtesy of David Stanley/Flickr.com

Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia

Did you know there’s a place in Africa that will instantly make you feel like you’ve arrived to one of the Greek islands? Head over to Tunisia’s own Sidi Bou Said, a small hilly town with white Santorini-like buildings and bold blue roofs and doors. The view is breathtaking everywhere you turn and you won’t believe that more people don’t know about this place. Guests especially love to bask in the sun on its soft sands with the palm trees, bougainvilleas and the stunning architecture in the backdrop.

Dave Bezaire / flickr Creative Commons 2.0 SA

Gansbaai – South Africa

The sands aren’t the only thing at this beach that’s pearly white. Gansbaai is notorious for being the most great white shark-infested destination in the world. So many great whites are known to swarm to the area that it was unofficially renamed to “Shark Alley.” But that doesn’t mean you should stay away. Daredevils, you’ll want to jump in on some of the local cage diving services offered right near its beaches. So face your fears and look at your worst nightmare in the eyes, it’ll give you bragging rights for your friends and family back at home.


Courtesy of Gusjer/Flickr.com

Loango National Park – Gabon

A natural phenomenon occurs on the beaches of Loango National Park. The park is full of large wildlife like elephants, gorillas and leopards. But somehow, the hippos have decided to take a permanent vacation and spend their days in the actual ocean instead of the river. There, the hippos are dubbed as “surfing hippos” where they literally float with the waves. You’ll definitely want to stay in your car for this one.

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