The Not So Typical Hotels Of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

Anyone that’s familiar with Namibia will know the country is largely occupied by a desert. In fact, very few residents live in these areas and the country is one of the least populated in Africa since so much of its land is inhabitable. But did you know that despite the barren landscape, it continues to draw tourists to its world-famous Skeleton Coast? Visitors that are traveling in the area will soon find out why the coastline earned its name when they stumble upon rusted ships partially emerging from the sands, along with thousands of seal and whale bones are scattered about. It’s an absolute must see on your travel bucket list. However, since this is a rather unusual spot, you’ll want to skip the regular hotels and go for a place with equal flair to the area. Here are our picks for some not so typical hotels in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge

Be the first among the people to book a stay at this brand new resort that’s opening sometime in the summer of 2018 (July). Currently undergoing construction, Shipwreck Lodge will have 10 rooms in a building in the shape of a ship that matches the nearby shipwrecks. From the rooms, guests will have a breathtaking view of the ocean and the red-colored sand dunes. This lodge will be opened inside Skeleton Coast National Park by the Hoarusib River. The lodge will also have a brand new swimming pool, a restaurant, and additional amenities like private tours around the area on a 4×4. Guests will be taken to iconic spots like Mowe Bay and Clay Castles. Keep monitoring on this site¬†for available bookings so you can jump in on Namibia’s newest hotel with flair.

Terrace Bay Resort

For those of you who love to stay active by fishing, hiking and bird watching, Terrace Bay in Skeleton Coast National Park is the place for you. Visitors love to come here to “get away from it all” and experience peace and quiet in this very desolate land. Expect to find other guests at Terrace Bay rising up early in the morning to go angling and nab their lunch from the shore. A bonfire pit and picnic tables are within walking distance from the hotel for guests to enjoy their hard-earned meals while taking in the full natural beauty that is Namibia. Keep in mind, the coast faces west, giving you the most spectacular sunset over the water view (you’ll want to plan your picnic dinner at that time). Nearby is a Uniab River Delta where you’ll find a wealth of wildlife like lions, giraffe, oryx and the rare black rhinos. Be sure to eserve your room in advance since there are only 22 available spaces per night.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Take your camping experience to another level by going extravagant at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. This campsite is brand new with lavish furnishings that stretches to its outside patio overlooking the majestic dunes. Guests have reported to see jackals, hyenas, lions and more on its tours along with scenic landscape. Visitors love this spot for a luxurious stay in a completely isolated location. In other words, it’s the perfect destination to take a break from your daily routines and recharge. Because this campsite is so isolated and far from any cities, it’s ideal for stargazing and just getting some alone time with close friends (or just yourself). So head outside, look up and admire the flickering night skies. There are only seven tents available, making this place hard to get into, so it’s advised to book in advance to get in on its waiting list. Once you’ve stayed here, you’ll see why the campsite was worth the wait.

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