The Not So Typical Hotels Of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

Anyone that’s familiar with Namibia will know the country is largely occupied by a desert. In fact, very few residents live in these areas and the country is one of the least populated in Africa since so much of its land is inhabitable. But did you know that despite the barren landscape, it continues to draw tourists to its world-famous Skeleton Coast? Visitors that are traveling in the area will soon find out why the coastline earned its name when they stumble upon rusted ships partially emerging from the sands, along with thousands of seal and whale bones are scattered about. It’s an absolute must see on your travel bucket list. However, since this is a rather unusual spot, you’ll want to skip the regular hotels and go for a place with equal flair to the area. Here are our picks for some not so typical hotels in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

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