Restaurant Of The Week: Sevruga, Cape Town

Sevruga is a Cape Town favorite for sushi and dim sum and has an impressive menu that should please just about everyone. It’s set in a huge restaurant right on the water across the way from Harbour House in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. The section of tables outside under umbrellas is always busy and inviting, and there is also a huge indoor dining room decorated in dark woods that also has a nice atmosphere and view.

Photo by Morgan Trimble

The menu is Asian themed, with sushi and dim sum being firm favorites, but there are a wide variety of main courses available including spaghetti and meatballs, beef fillet, Cape Malay curry, and salmon wellington. So Sevruga is a good place to go if your party is split between sushi lovers and haters.

I’m in the former camp, so I sampled one of their good value special platters—the red plate—with salmon and tuna tempura rolls, salmon nigiri, salmon roses, and tuna crunch rolls. It was 22 pieces for 155 rand, which is a great price considering that it’s an upscale restaurant. The sushi was fresh and tasty. I also tried an order from the Dim Sum menu—Cha Siu Baau—three steamed buns stuffed with duck and sweet BBQ sauce. All of the food was great and ended up being too much to finish. The sushi isn’t the best I’ve had in Cape Town, but it’s very good considering the value and caliber of restaurant.

Photo by Morgan Trimble

The service was friendly, fast, and attentive and the atmosphere is really enjoyable. Sevruga felt like much less of a tourist trap than some other restaurants I’ve eaten at in the Waterfront. Sevruga would be a great place to stop off for lunch while exploring all the sights at the Waterfront. For dinner, reservations would be a good idea.

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