Why You Should Visit The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Of Senegal

goree island https://www.flickr.com/photos/attawayjl/3335650716

Jeff Attaway / flickr.com Creative Commons 2.0

Island of Gorée

This island off the coast of Dakar was the center of the west African slave trade between the 15th and 19th centuries. While beautiful, it is also the site of one of the biggest tragedies in human history. There are winding streets, squares, old buildings and fortresses to explore, along with several monuments and museums such as the House of Slaves. The island is a pilgrimage spot for the people of the African diaspora.

Why you should go: You should visit to understand the deprivation and degradation slaves had to endure during this dark period of human history. The island is a stark reminder of how cruel humans can be, and can help us understand how to have more compassion towards our fellow man in our daily lives. 

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