Why You Should Visit The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Of Senegal

stone circles wassu https://www.flickr.com/photos/nbroekzitter86/3686692687

Photo courtesy of Niels Broekzitte / flickr Creative Commons 2.0

Stone Circles of Senegambia

These stone circles are found over a 100 km wide by 350 km long area that encompasses both Senegal and Gambia, and were built between the 3rd and 16th centuries. There are four main groupings, including the Kerbatch, Sine Ngayène, Wanar, and Wassu, which compromise 93 stone circles and numerous burial mounds. Archaeologists aren’t quite sure why so many were built, but they do know the area reflects the remains of a highly organized society that lasted for centuries.

Why you should go: Skip Stonehenge and go somewhere few have gone. The stone circles in the area are still being studied and you can see them in person before all the mysteries about them are revealed. It’s also a lesser-known part of Africa, which means you won’t have to fight crowds, and you’ll have bragging rights with your friends and family.

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