Feeling Blue: A Photo Journey Through Chefchaouen, Morocco

No, not that kind of blue. We’re talking about vivid blue-painted buildings and street corners. The kind of blue that makes your jaw drop at every turn. The kind of blue you can find throughout the streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco.

The city is painted that way because the Sephardic Jews who lived there in the 1930s believed that the color symbolized the sky and heaven. While Jews don’t live there anymore, the tradition of painting the city walls blue lives on.

Get ready to go on a colorful photo journey through Chefchaouen, Morocco.

flower pots chefchaouen


Flower pots compliment the radiant blue walls


Courtesy of Mark Fischer/Flickr

Tree branches tangle together across a narrow street

cat chefchaouen


You’ll often find cats wandering through the Medina



Bikes are probably the easiest way to get around as most cars won’t fit



A man wanders down the street



Beautiful brass for sale



It doesn’t get any bluer than this



An aerial view of the city

chefchaouen shadow

Courtesy of Dave / flickr

Shadows paint a mystery on a wall

young girl chefchaouen

Courtesy of Pejman Parvandi / flickr

A young girl stands at a door

chess chefchaouen

Courtesy of Admanchester / flickr

Playing chess in the street

blue door chefchaouen

Courtesy of Catchpenny / flickr

A striking blue door of a hotel

light roof chefchaouen

Courtesy of Pascal Tribillon / flickr

Light passes through a roof to the street below

hotel chefchaouen

OSSOBUKO / Shutterstock

Even the signs are painted blue

pigment chefchaouen


Some of the pigments used to create it

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