Dreamy Beach Resorts To Get Your Bliss On In Kenya

Kenya is often associated with seeing wildlife, trekking up a mountain and other forms of adventure travel. However, this east African country has some of the top beaches in Africa with some of the best beach resorts to boot. Whether you’re a honeymooner, traveling with kids, or single and looking to mingle, there’s a resort to fit your style. Here are some dreamy beach resorts in Kenya that will let you get your bliss on.

Jacaranda Beach Resort, Watamu

Located right on a private beach in Watamu, the Jacaranda Beach Resort is ideal for relaxing under the palm trees and strolling through the turquoise waters. When there are low tides, visitors can see the coral reef poke up through the water or walk out to see them up close. The hotel features 130 exquisite rooms, including over 20 villas and an elaborate ocean suite that’s perfect for honeymooners.

Hemingways Resort, Watamu

Hemingways is another Watamu hot spot and is consistent with offering the same top quality of the destinations in Mara and Nairobi. It’s known for arranging deep sea fishing outings, so you can pretend you are living it up like Ernest Hemingway. The resort features 76 rooms that have recently been remodeled and is scheduled to open again on December 1, 2015.

sarova whitesands

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Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort And Spa, Mombasa

This high-end beach resort is located in Mombasa’s Bamburi Beach, making it an ideal choice for chilling by the water or making your way into town to do some shopping. The resort features gorgeous balconies that overlook the large Palms swimming pool and picturesque beaches.


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Diamonds Dream of Africa, Malindi

This all-inclusive resort is on the small side, yet still manages to fit in 35 suites into its small quarters. The hotel features an exotic Indo-Arabic design with a lush tropical setting full of palm trees and flowers around the grounds. Make sure to try the onsite Mvua African Rain SPA to help you take your relaxation up a notch.

diani reef

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Diani Reef Beach Resort And Spa, Diani Beach

This 35-acre resort is located just south of Mombasa in Diani Beach and is one of the most glamorous in the area. It’s known for its high-end spa, fantastic beaches and fun onsite casino. Guests will also enjoy the night life featuring several bars and a night club that goes late into the night.

The Majlis Hotel, Lamu

Located on beautiful Manda Island in Lamu, this chic resort is one of the best island getaways in all of east Africa. History buffs will also enjoy the location as they can tour Lamu town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of a mix of Arab, Indian and Swahili influences. Many of the rooms have balconies that open up to fantastic sea views and breezes so you can relax the day away.

serena beach

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Serena Beach Resort & Spa, Shanzu Beach

Picture yourself under shaded coconut palms in an expansive tropical garden while sipping on cocktails and you’ve just imagined the vibe at this resort. Serena Beach features luxurious rooms with Maasai-inspired wall frescos along with fantastic views of the sea. You certainly won’t be bored here, as the hotel features several restaurants, activities and nightly music.


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Kizingo, Lamu

If you need the ultimate in seclusion, Kizingo is the best resort to go with. Kizingo is located on an empty 12-kilometer beach that goes from Kizingo to the village of Shela. There are only eight cottages here, so guests can enjoy the beach to themselves in complete privacy.

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This article was originally published on October 8, 2015.

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