The Top Farms To Visit In Kenya

After exploring Nairobi and hitting the safari camps, don’t feel like there’s nothing left to do but to head back home. Instead, why not check out the fantastic farms throughout the country that welcome visitors to learn the behind-the-scenes processes of farming methods while getting in touch with nature. From dairy farms, to organic fruit farms, here’s our list of the top farms worth visiting in Kenya.

brown's cheese

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Brown’s Cheese

Approximately a 30 minutes drive from Nairobi into the countryside of Limuru is Brown’s Cheese, a dairy farm that feels more like an idyllic vineyard when you pay a visit. The farm attracts visitors to see its picturesque pasture with roaming dairy cows and a cheese tasting room where guests can have their lunches. The tasting opens from Thursday through Saturday by appointment only, but is well worth the effort as visitors will be treated with a three-course lunch, a tour of the cheese factory, a demonstration of milking cows, a tour of the biodynamic vegetable garden and taking home a portion of freshly-made cheese from the premises. All cheeses are naturally made using no colorings, coatings or additives.


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Kawamwaki Farm

Exploring an organic vegetable farm doesn’t always have to be on foot. At Kawamwaki Farm, you can do it on a horse’s back. This farm-slash-equestrian center is an ideal spot to explore the gorgeous farmland loaded with organic vegetables and flower fields in the Limuru countryside during a horse riding tour. For two hours, a skilled guide will lead the tour through the hilly terrain to see the magnificent sights of the plants in its peak season. In addition to horseback riding tours, guests can join an educational walking tour into the nearby wilderness to learn about its indigenous trees and their role in the ecosystem.

sanctuary farm

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Sanctuary Farm

In Lake Naivasha, Sanctuary Farm is not your typical run-of-the-mill farm you’d find elsewhere. While there are dairy cows ready to be milked, you’ll also find them wandering the grounds alongside impala, wildebeest, zebras and giraffes. The farm was founded by Francis Erskine in the 1970s, who originally wanted to start up a horse farm for polo games. But that wasn’t enough for Erskine, who went on to start up a restaurant in the club house and collected game animals as part of the farm. Today, visitors can go on horse-back riding tours throughout the farm, visit the barn to milk the cows, go on a scenic boat ride in its lake to see hippos and more. Or take your experience up a notch and camp overnight on the farm at one of its designated campsites. A small stable-turned-hotel on the premises has up to 10 rooms that can be rented for the night as well.


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Mlango Farm

Lovers of art, you’ll want to jump in on this. Mlango Farm is 45 minutes outside of Nairobi in Ngecha and makes a great place for visitors who appreciate its Eden-like atmosphere. While you’re there, you’ll notice an additional art gallery on the farm. After browsing through the stunning farm that grows everything from avocado, to daikon, to lemongrass, to sweet potatoes, it’s time to head inside to admire local artworks. The art works are African themed ranging in many mediums like paintings, sculptures, and wood carved furniture. Opt to stay overnight at the farm where you will disconnect yourself from the modern world of technology (meaning no television in the rooms) so you can bask in the full beauty of the surrounding farm. So do yourself a favor, and book this much needed stay on the farm.

olepangi farm

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Olepangi Farm

Imagine walking up to this farm and feeling like you’ve stumbled upon a movie set with incredibly striking cottages surrounded by gardens. Olepangi Farm is a boutique resort with a working horse farm and is situated in the foothills of Mount Kenya, the second largest mountain in all of Africa. There are only five rooms available per night, giving guests the feeling of having the whole place to themselves. Activities on the farm include horseback rides, outdoor yoga sessions, a series of lawn games like badminton, and an exclusive safari ride to see big game animals in their natural habitat. Stick around for delicious farm-to-table fare with African influences at the farm to wrap up your experience perfectly.

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