The Best Places For Kitesurfing In And Around Cape Town

Cape Town is famous for its crazy winds, known locally as the “Cape Doctor.” For most, it is a constant interruption that spoils beach days, blows dresses up and caps off, and leaves everyone with a wind-swept hairdo. But for kitesurfers, Cape Town and surrounds are simply paradise. Here are some of the best places to go kitesurfing in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

witsands in cape town

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1. Witsands 

If you’re looking for a true South African gem, head straight to Witsands. This lagoon is protected by a sandbar from the sea and is the perfect place for flat water riders who want to practice their tricks. It’s safe for all riders and is best when the wind is blowing in an easterly direction.

Muizenberg_from_Boyes_Drive cape town

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2. Muizenberg Beach 

If you’re looking for warmer water, a great family-friendly beach and loads of wind, then head to Muizenberg. With no protection from the Cape Peninsula or False Bay, the swell at Muizenberg Beach breaks directly onto the beach. Even though the waves are big, there is not a consistent swell. You can look forward to excellent wave-riding, free-riding and freestyle conditions catering to all levels of experience.

kitesurfer big air in cape town strand

(Kleunam/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Strand 

Strand is about a 45-minute drive outside of Cape Town’s city centre and is perfect for kitesurfers looking for good waves and free riding conditions. When the Cape’s mighty wind is blowing in a southerly direction, you’ll get the freestyle conditions, just make sure to bring a 12 metre kite as the wind is strong. You can spot most kitesurfers in front of the Clubhouse on the Main Beach.

Big-Bay-view kitesurfing

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4. Big Bay 

No matter what day you decide to visit Big Bay, you’ll always find a wave. With strong winds and a swell that builds up from a very far out, you can easily surf the whole area. This kitesurfing spot is small with rocks on both the left and right — windsurfers usually stick to the left. You can also find everything you need to enjoy the waves at Kite Kahunas on the Main Road.

cape point kite surfing

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5. Cape Point

With a small sand stone beach, Cape Point has good waves that sometimes get up to six-metres high. Even though you need to pay a US$5 fee to get into the nature reserve, you’ll have very clean waves which are perfect for those wanting to practice their wave riding skills. Be warned, this spot is only for advanced kite surfers.

Hermanus kitesurfing cape town

(PhilippN/Wikimedia Commons)

6. Hermanus 

With an awesome lagoon for beginners and great waves for experienced kitesurfers, Hermanus makes a perfect little kitesurfing hub. About an hour and a half outside of Cape Town, this vacation town gets a regular, steady south easterly wind that blows up to 25 knots which is perfect for wave riding.

Langebaan kitsesurfing cape town

(Aubrey Kilian/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Langebaan 

Like Muizenberg, kite surfers are drawn to Langebaan because of the warmer water. Take the two-hour drive from Cape Town to this coastal town with Kitesurf South Africa who will hook you up with all your gear, give you a lesson or two if needed, and make sure you are safe thoughout your visit.

Noordhoek_beach kitesurfing

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8. Noordehoek 

With plenty of space, awesome waves ,and a flat section in the middle, Noordehoek makes a fantastic place to kitesurf. Because of all the space and empty eight km of beaches, it’s the ideal place to learn how to kitesurf, too. Winds can reach up to 40 knots and tend to get stronger thoughout the day.

knysna kitesurfing cape town

(michael clarke stuff/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Knysna 

OK, so it’s a bit of a drive, but even though getting to Knysna from Cape Town takes about five hours by car, it’s still a magical place to kitesurf. With the warm, flat waters of the Knysna lagoon, it’s one of the best places in South Africa to learn how to kitesurf. Kitesurf South Africa offers lessons throughout the Garden Route.

kite beach for kitesurfing in cape town

(Danie van der Merwe/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Kite Beach 

The most popular place to kitesurf in Cape Town is Kite Beach. It is the perfect place for wave riding and wake-style riding, and you can often spot pro riders in the water. The beach gets crowded, so watch out for other riders (especially at sunset as the sun is directly in your eyes.) You can hire gear at Kite Kahunas which is on the Main Road.

Noordhoek_and_Kommetjie kitesurfing

(warrenski/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Kommetjie 

With constant wind from the south or west, Kommetjie is perfect for advanced wave riders with plenty of experience. Unfortunately, Kommetjie is not suited for kitesurfing when the famous “southeaster” blows.

12. Struisbaai Main Beach

Struisbaai Main Beach is in a bay that is protected from the winds so it’s great for flat water conditions. With big swells at the backline, you can get pretty big waves when the wind is blowing in a southwest or southeast direction.

bettys bay kitesurfing

(Betty’s Bay/Wikimedia Commons)

13. Betty’s Bay 

Getting to the awesome cross shore southeaster of Betty’s Bay can be a bit tricky as you have to make your way through dry kelp that has been washed onto the shore. The beaches in this seaside town, just an hour outside of Cape Town, have clean waves with a right break which is perfect for wave riding.

14. Scarborough 

Head to the beautiful sandy beach of Scarborough to enjoy its clean waves. This beach is the perfect place to train your wave riding skills. It’s also ideal for advanced riders — beginners shouldn’t attempt this spot.

camps bay kitesurfing

(Wikimedia Commons)

15. Camps Bay 

If you’re looking for a spot just five minutes from the city, then the popular Camps Bay Beach is for you. The area has small waves, making it perfect for wave riding. You’ll probably have to compete for space with the occasional surfer, skimboarder, stand up paddle boarder or swimmer as this beach is popular with all these water sports.

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This article was originally published on April 7, 2015. 

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