Forget Snow: The Best Places To Go Sandboarding In Africa, And Beyond

Sandboarding is growing in popularity throughout Africa, and the world. The best thing about this adrenaline-pumping sport is that you don’t have to wait for winter to come around to do it!

Whether you’re just learning to sandboard or are a seasoned pro, it is something you have to try at least once in your life. Here are 15 of the best places to go sandboarding in Africa — and beyond. 

sandboarding in atlantis, south africa

(Bongani2/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Atlantis Dunes, South Africa 

Just a 44km drive north of Cape Town, the Atlantis dunes are where both locals and tourists flock every weekend to go sandboarding. Sidewinder Adventures can take you to this unique dune field and help you hone your skills.

sandboarding in ica, peru

(Photo courtesy of Peru Adventure Tours)

2. Ica, Peru 

Known for its large sand dunes, Ica is home to the largest sand dune in the world at nearly 2km high — Duna Grande. It also plays host to the Sandboarding Cup of Peru. You can head out to these amazing dunes with Peru Adventure Tours which features a variety of amazing packages.

Swakopmund_Sandboarding in Namibia

(Digr/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Swakopmund, Namibia 

If there’s one thing you need to do in Swakopmund, it’s to go sandboarding! Just 11km outside of the seaside town are some of the best sandboarding dunes in Africa. Head out to dunes with Alter-Action, which not only takes tourists sandboarding, but teaches you how to sandboard, too.

karoo island sandboarding in australia

(Photo courtesy of Kangroo Island Outdoor Action)

4. Kangaroo Island, Australia

This heritage area has a sand dune system that covers around two square kilometres with the highest dune over 70 metres above sea level. Head to the Little Sahara on Kangaroo Island in South Australia with Kangroo Island Outdoor Action and enjoy a day of sandboarding.

Great_Sand_Sea sandboarding in egypt

(Al Ianni/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Great Sand Sea, Egypt 

For the best sandboarding in Egypt, head to the Great Sand Sea near Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert. About a one and a half hour drive outside of Cairo, you can head into the desert where you’ll find an amazing landscape and dunes up to 140 metres high.

Copiapo in Chile sandboarding

(Christian Van Der Henst S/Flickr)

6. Copiapo, Chile 

Copiapo is more commonly known as the home to the Chile-Argentina Dakar Rally, but for sandboarders it is home to the Medanoso dunes and great sandboarding. This area is where you’ll find the highest dune in Chile at 1600 metres high. Be sure to gear up for your sandboarding trip at Desert Sandboard.

El Safra and Hadudah Dunes in Egypt sandboarding


7. El Safra and Hadudah Dunes, Egypt 

Another awesome place to go sandboarding in Egypt is El Safra and Hadudah Dunes, which is halfway between Dahab and St. Catherine. Egypt Sandboarding can help you on your adventure whether you’re staying in Cairo or Sharm el-Sheikh.

Lucky_Bay_ sandboarding in Austalia

(Cookaa/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Lucky Bay, Australia

Lucky Bay in Western Australia is an amazing sandboarding spot that you can visit with Sandboarding Australia. From getting all the best safety gear and taking a few sandboarding lessons, to heading up the 85-metre sand crater and sandboarding down, you’re sure to have an incredible experience. The tour also includes lunch on the beach and snorkeling in Lucky Bay Lagoon.

sandboarding in betty's bay south africa

(Maurits Vermeulen/Flickr)

9. Betty’s Bay, South Africa 

This small sand dune is a great place for beginners to start off. Take the hour and a half drive from Cape Town with Sidewinder Adventures to the beautiful seaside town of Betty’s Bay to enjoy some epic sandboarding. 

Monte Kaolino sandboarding in germany

(Carlos Varela/Flickr)

10. Monte Kaolino, Germany

Host to the annual Sandboarding World competition, Monte Kaolino is a small sand mountain in Hirschau, Germany. With a lift to the 120m top of the mountain, you won’t break a sweat having to trek up the mountain. 

sandboarding stockton dunes in australia

(Photo courtesy of Sand Dune Safari)

11. Stockton Dunes, Australia

Just a two and a half hour drive outside of Sydney are the Stockton dunes. The sand dune system is a kilometre wide, 32 kilometres long, and covers over 4,200 hectares. You can head out to the Stockton Dunes with Sand Dune Safari.

sandboarding in Nicaragua

(Photo courtesy of Nicaragua Trails)

12. Cerro Negro, Nicaragua 

Take it to the extreme by sandboarding down a volcano in Cerro Negro, Nicaragua. With steep slopes and volcanic sand, it’s totally possible to sandboard down this active volcano! You can try this adrenaline pumping trip with Nicaragua Trails.

sandboarding in death valley in chile

(Robin Fernandes/Flickr)

13. Death Valley, Chile

Head to Chile’s Atacama Desert and go sandboarding in Death Valley. Even though it’s usually scorching outside, you’ll enjoy the views and awesome rides down to the bottom of the big dunes.


(nattu/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Sand Master Park, United States

Located in Florence, Oregon, Sand Master Park is the world’s first sandboarding park. Covering 160,000 square metres, the park has private sculpted sand dunes and a pro shop. Whether you’re taking a sandboarding lesson or renting a sandboard, you’ll have loads of fun at this park.

OOstduinkerke in Belgium sandboarding

(Great Sand Dunes Naitonal Park/Flickr)

15. Oostduinkerke, Belgium 

With the biggest dunes in Belgium, Ostduinkerke has become a popular spot to go sandboarding. This spot has a mixture of grass and sand slopes making it a great place for pros and beginners to practice.

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