12 Of The Best Restaurants In Cairo

With flavours and influences from all over the world, Cairo is a foodie’s dream destination. And did we mention all the delicious local and traditional Egyptian cuisine that you can dig into? Here are a dozen of our favorite restaurants in the city. 


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1. Birdcage

Located at the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis, this restaurant overlooks the Nile with great views. With its home being a five-star hotel, you should only expect the best in service, cuisine,  value for money and atmosphere. Birdcage serves delicious Thai cuisine that includes loads of noodle and seafood dishes.

table at Sequoia River Nile

Amazing view from a table at Sequoia overlooking the River Nile. (Photo courtesy of Sequoia)

2. Sequoia 

For the ultimate dining experience and stunning views head to Sequoia overlooking the River Nile. The wood floors, comfortable couches, low wooden tables, and soft lighting all adds to the laid back atmosphere and incredible ambiance. The restaurant serves fusion Mediterranean cuisine that includes flavours from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Decor at the River Boat restaurant

Decor at the River Boat restaurant (Photo courtesy of Le Pacha)

3. River Boat 

If you feel like Lebanese cuisine, head to River Boat in Le Pacha 1901. Across the Nile River from the scenic Zabalek neighbourhood, this restaurant –as the name suggests — is on a docked boat. The restaurants also serves a selection of local dishes and a fresh fish buffet. On certain nights you can also enjoy the live music.

The Confused Argentina vegetarian dish at Tabla LUNA

The Confused Argentina vegetarian dish at Tabla LUNA (Photo courtesy of Tabla LUNA)

4. Tabla LUNA

Serving dishes from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Bolivia, this Latin American Bistro adds something new to the Cairo culinary scene. Using only organic produce and local exotic spices, the food at Tabla LUNA is definitely something to look forward to.

Hot dog and fries at Mojo's Lounge and Grill

Hot dog and fries at Mojo’s Lounge and Grill (Photo courtesy of Mojo’s Lounge & Grill)

5. Mojo’s Lounge & Grill 

In the heart of downtown Kattameya, Mojo’s Lounge & Grill has a Mediterranean menu that will leave you satisfied. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant is visually quirky and trendy, and has the food to match. It also serves some of the best coffee in town.

Outside seating at Zooba

Outside seating at Zooba (Photo courtesy of Zooba)

6. Zooba 

Keen for some Egyptian street food with a twist? Well, Zooba is the place for you. Not only does this restaurant dress up delicious street foods, but it also uses only the freshest local produce.

Outside dining at Cedars

Outside dining at Cedars (Photo courtesy of Cedars)

7. Cedars 

From the time you enter Cedars restaurant, you are transported to the early twentieth century Lebanon nights with amazing music and food. The food is inspired Lebanon’s cuisine with an Egyptian twist using seasonal ingredients and classic preparations.

Beautiful setting at Abou El Sid

Beautiful setting at Abou El Sid (Photo courtesy of Abou El Sid)

8. Abou El Sid 

If you’re looking to dine somewhere fancy then Abou El Sid is the place to go to. This beautiful restaurant will allow you to indulge in all things Egyptian. The menu is also filled with traditional Egyptian foods.

Dining area at Osmanly

Dining area at Osmanly (Photo courtesy of Osmanly)

9. Osmanly 

Enjoy the flavours of Egypt’s history of food with Turkey and the Ottoman Empire at Osmanly. From the freshly baked breads and delicious meats, to the fresh fruits and traditional drinks, you’ll get to taste a huge part of Egyptian history and culture.

Dessert at La Bodega

Dessert at La Bodega (Photo courtesy of La Bodega)

10. La Bodega Egypt

Another restaurant to enjoy traditional Egyptian cuisine is La Bodega Egypt. With two venues — the Bistro and Aperitivo — both at the beautiful red-brick Baehler Mansions, your taste buds won’t be the only thing being tantalised, you’ll also get an eyeful with the stunning decor.

Delicious food at Akala Blended Cuisine

Delicious food at Akala Blended Cuisine (Photo courtesy of Akala Blended Cuisine)

11. Akala Blended Cuisine

For a blissful and unique dining experience head to Akala Blended Cuisine. The blended cuisine concept features influences from local, European and American cuisine. This restaurant also uses only the freshest ingredients. 


(tomek strabski/Wikimedia Commons)

12. Mori Sushi

With the sushi craze hitting all corners of the world, Egypt is no exception. You can expect fresh, great tasting sushi at Mori Sushi that will leave you wanting more. The Japanese menu includes soups, salads, and a variety of sushi.

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This article was originally published on January 31, 2015.

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