Tips For Enjoying Egypt In Winter

Many travelers are surprised to learn that Egyptian winters can get pretty cold at night, with nights in parts of the country dropping around freezing. However, the days are still usually sunny, and being in a desert climate, the rainfall is still pretty minimal. So planning a trip during this time of year can beat the scorching heat that often occurs in the summer. Here are some tips to get the most out of an Egyptian winter vacation.

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1. Pack A Jacket

Although temperatures are mild, there are cool nights or periods of cooler days when a jacket will become invaluable. Jackets are also a great way to keep comfortable during long treks.

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2. Never Drink Or Eat Ice

Cool drinks can still be refreshing on a winters day in Egypt. It’s easy to remember to drink only bottled or clean water, but ice in your drinks can also be problem. Ask for beverages without ice or avoid iced beverages entirely to prevent any issues.

(Oliverherold/Wikimedia Commons)

(Oliverherold/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Plan For Less Daylight

Less hours of daylight means less time to take in attractions that are only open during daytime hours. Check the sunrise and sunset time for each day to provide the more accurate information.

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4. Remember Your Sunglasses And Sunscreen

Just because it’s winter in Egypt doesn’t mean you should forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. These items are still important as tourists face harsh sunlight at popular destinations.

(Bidgee/Wikimedia Commons)

(Bidgee/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Be Prepared For Flooding

Unexpected flooding can quickly become a part of your travel if rainfall occurs. This is a serious problem for dry areas throughout the country that rarely see precipitation. Keep up with daily weather forecasts and ask if the destination has a history of flash floods or flooding of any kind. To Finally Launch Flights


6. Look For Special Rates

Winter travel to Egypt can often be more expensive, but there are still deals to be had if you look around. Research hotel and accommodation to find any special packages related to the season. Airlines may also offer these special rates when bundled with plane tickets.

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7. Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration is still a factor during winter months due to the dry climate and general lack of shade, so rely on bottled water. The water should be prepackaged from a reputable source and free from contaminants. For excursions near the pyramids, bring extra bottles to avoid people charging you too much.

8. Try A Boat Trip Or Scuba Diving

The milder temperatures and less crowded excursions make winter boat tours and dives an interesting choice. Look for reputable companies that can arrange excursions or ask your travel agent to book the adventure before your arrival.

9. Book A Hotel Near The Nile

Winter months highlight excellent views of the Nile as hotels have more accommodations with views of the famous river. Ask for rooms with a view of the Nile when booking to avoid any hassle at check-in.

10. Consider A Houseboat Cruise Instead Of Standard Hotel Accommodations

Winter is a great time to travel the Nile and houseboat cruises offer an unrivaled experience. Your accommodations constantly move with you as the trip continues through various attractions and historical locations. Look for specials that include all food costs.

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This article was originally published on December 19, 2014.

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