Egypt Never Looked So Good: 10 Incredible Aerial Shots That Will Change Your View Of The Country

The cities and sites of Egypt are truly one-of-a-kind (though decent replicas can be found in Las Vegas) and are a can’t-miss for any architecture or history buff. Most of the attractions look spectacular from the ground, but are even more impressive from above, where their true majesty and enormity can be appreciated. These incredible aerial shots of Egypt will give you a new perspective on the country.

cairo aerial

Courtesy of Allan Doyle / flickr

Cairo looks incredibly dense from above and seems to go on forever

nile river aerial

Courtesy of Stuart Rankin / flickr

The Nile River slowly works its way down through the country

luxor above

Courtesy of PnP! / flickr

Luxor looks like a giant maze

egyptian desert from above


You can see where water once flowed from high above the desert

luxor temple aerial

Courtesy of Richard Messenger / flickr

Another look from above Luxor, this time of the Medinet Habu Temple

hurghada aerial


The crystal clear waters of Hurghada are visible from far away

snow mountains egypt

Courtesy of James Honeyball / flickr

Yes, it can snow in Egypt (at least up in the mountains)

boats downtown cairo


Boats crowd together on the Nile River in downtown Cairo

luxor hot air balloon

Courtesy of WoodsieGirl / flickr

Flying near Luxor in a hot air balloon

pyramids of giza aerial

Courtesy of Christopher Rose / flickr

And the shot you’ve all been waiting for, the Pyramids of Giza from the air

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