Travel Tip Of The Day: Getting Around Maputo

This travel tip comes from Dana Sanchez, editor of, who recently returned from a trip to Maputo, Mozambique. She offers the following advice:

Don’t plan on walking or riding a bike in Maputo — the city has very few traffic lights and many drivers don’t exactly obey the road signs.

Also, don’t attempt to drive in Maputo unless you are a local resident. There’s just too much to see and it’s too fascinating of a place; don’t risk ruining your trip by a simple driving error.

Taxi drivers are somewhat intolerant of pedestrians and can sometimes drive very close to them. Definitely be careful walking around looking at the beautiful architecture (even on sidewalks).

Dana spoke to some locals about the frenzied traffic, and people said it’s just a normal part of daily life.

There is a lot of eye contact between drivers and they obey a sort of honor system for how cars navigate traffic at intersections. Somehow, there are very few accidents.

So if you’re planning on visiting in the upcoming months, do yourself a favor and just get a taxi. They are cheap, efficient, and quickly get you around the city.

For more information on Maputo, please see our Maputo City Guide, by Sarah Duff.

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