15 Photos Of Tunisia That Will Make You Pack Your Bags

Tunisia is one of the lesser-visited countries in north Africa, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors Egypt and Morocco. But this is a pity because Tunisia is a place to be wowed! It’s got alluring textiles, crumbling ancient ruins, bustling markets, and picturesque seaside towns. Here are 15 photos of Tunisia that will make you want to instantly book a trip.


Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

1. The ancient ruins of Carthage

Carthage is home to a fantastic amount of Greek historical figures from Aristotle to Queen Dido to Hannibal. Visit the ruins where a thriving city once dwelled and use your imagination.


2. Tunisian carpets and other handmade goods

Tunisians are known for their weaving expertise and display glorious carpets of various colors. The people of Tunisia are also proud of their fine pottery work and leather goods.


Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

3. Cuisine

Tunisia offers a plethora of spiced dishes including shakshuka (pictured above), asida, couscous, and spicy mutton. Some Tunisian dishes have French influences, and you can find French-style cafes in any city.

tunisian beach

Courtesy of Henning Leweke/Flickr.com

4. The Mediterranean Sea

Bask in the sandy white beaches and serene waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s also a popular sighting for sea turtles and monk seals along its beautiful coastlines.

Djebel Ressas

Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

5. Djebel Ressas

Translated as “mountain of lead”, Djebel Ressas is a rough terrain with a violent history. The Jurassic limestone made mountain was the destination of The Battle of The Saw in 2nd Century B.C. that claimed 40,000 lives. Today, the mountain is lined with lush olive vineyard and home to livestock.

6. Detailed art

Tunisia is known for its intricately detailed architecture. You’ll be surprised to see how striking the colors are, the mosaic wall art, and the iconic doors adorned with patterns and splashes of bold colors.

djerba horsemen


7. Djerba

The largest island off the coast of Tunisia, Djerba is a luxurious destination with many extravagant hotels overlooking the Mediterranean sea. But its also home to ordinary Tunisians of many faiths, and there are markets (souks), synagogues, mosques, and forts.


Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

8. Monastir

This fishing port is home to majestic buildings and a ribat (a watchtower to scan for unwanted ships approaching). Monastir was also the location for the filming of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.”


Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

9. Tamerza

In 1969, Tamerza was flooded and the residents abandoned the town. When the water cleared, the cavernous canyons became a pleasant sight for many with its multiple waterfalls bursting with fresh water.


Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

10. Demna

This ancient baptismal fount is currently at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia. The Bardo is home to many artifacts and antiquities of both the Islamic and Christian periods.

desert living

Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

11. Desert living

Outside of their bustling cities are plenty of people living the desert life, where you can see camels in their natural habitat and beautiful rock formations turned into a home.


Courtesy of Eugenijus Radlinskas/Flickr.com

12. Port-el-Kantaoui

This touristy spot is a beachy oasis with multiple yachts and seafood restaurants. Most of the hotels in the area are glimmering white and overlook the crystal clear sea.

Temple of Minerva

Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.com

13. Sbeitla

In Sbeitla, you can visit Roman ruins from the second century. Sightings include the Temple of Minerva (pictured above), public baths, and capitoline temples.

Inside the Tunis Medina

Shops in the Tunis medina (Photoman29 / Shutterstock)

14. Tunis Medina

In the old historic Medina lies a thriving market/souk chock full of the finest Tunisian souvenirs and knick-knacks. Don’t forget to check out the spice market too.

planet tatooine

Courtesy of b+c+c+f/Flickr.com

15. Planet Tatooine

The most famous filming set in Tunisia is where they filmed scenes on fictional planet Tatooine for the Star Wars movies. Here is where Luke Skywalker lived with his uncle and aunt. Unfortunately, your chances of seeing Tusken Raiders or Jawas are slim to none.

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