The Best Places For Diving In The Seychelles

Home to gorgeous landscapes of protruding rocks sticking out of its beaches, emerald colored waters, and swaying palm trees, the Seychelles is the place to get your tropical diving fix. It’s a haven for diving, since its waters are so crystal clear and calm, with a wealth of colorful fish and marine life. While every corner of the Seychelles is definitely worthy of exploring, we’ve narrowed it down to the top places.

mahe island

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Mahe Island

The northern tip of Mahe Island is considered the most well-known and highly-recommended dive sites in all of the Seychelles. Diving there is so popular that there are about 30 dive sites and plenty of diving companies happy to assist you in your underwater journey. Guests are advised to stay at Big Blue Divers, a five-star dive resort where you can stay overnight in a guesthouse with other passionate divers and learn the art of diving. Classes are offered to its guests in multiple languages. Dive Cruises are also hosted on the island, where guests can lounge in a luxury boat while being taken to a popular diving spot.


Arrive to the island of Aldabra and you’ll wonder if you’ve just ventured upon a deserted island. There are no hotels or tourist spots on this tiny island, but it’s home to some cool residents, the endangered green turtles and the endangered hawksbill turtles. Charter boats and dive cruises will depart from larger and more populous islands to make their way to Aldabra to explore the surrounding water. It’s common to find turtles swimming alongside you, and on occasion, you can find the gentle dugongs.

st. pierre

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St. Pierre

For those who are new to the sport and want to test out their skills in the calmest water, St. Pierre on Praslin Island is a good place to start. The area is known for its shallow water, the deepest part only 10 meters down, making it the best place to dive for children and beginners. Not to mention, the water is incredibly clear so you’ll find tropical fish, turtles and reef sharks curiously exploring the area.

alphonse island

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Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island is a remote destination that’s privately-owned, but is considered one of the most beautiful places to go underwater. There are two accommodations guests can stay at on the island including the Beach Bungalow and Beach Suite, although dive charters are welcomed by the island to explore. The area is deep enough for scuba diving adventures and it’s popular to spot sharks, turtles and other large marine animals hanging out nearby. Expect to find stunning coral reefs that attract an impressive collection of fish for you to admire.

Cocos Island

North of La Digue is Cocos Islands that is a small cluster of islets that make great stops to scuba or snorkel. There are no hotels or accommodations in Cocos Islands, but it makes a popular day trip for divers, especially from La Digue and Praslin Island. You’ll find parrotfish, spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, blue damselfish and much more in the area. There are no restaurants on the island, so be sure to pack your lunches or make plans to go fishing to reel in your dinner.

silhouette island

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Silhouette Island

About 12 miles north of Mahe Island, Silhouette Island is an excellent place to dive if you love history. There’s a well-known shipwreck that can be visited and the island was first explored by humans in 1609. Lore has it there’s a buried treasure somewhere on the island left behind by Jean-Francois Hodoul, a rich plantation owner. Today, the treasure is waiting to be found. So after exploring the underwater world of fish and large marine life, you can take a break and lounge in the sun on its beach before going on a treasure hunt.

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