The Intimate Inns Of Seychelles

Who doesn’t dream of a tropical getaway on a luxurious island where the white sands are soft, the water is crystal clear and the palm trees loom horizontally? But that dream vacation can be instantly ruined if you make the mistake of booking at a large resort overrun with screaming children and a jam-packed beach where you’ll have to fight the other guests to lay down a towel. So do your research and get the idyllic, island escape you deserve by staying in more secluded and lesser known places. Here are the top intimate inns of Seychelles to help your ideal tropical vacation turn into a reality.

colibri guest house

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Colibri Guest House

It doesn’t get more personal than a family-owned inn with only 12 rooms available per night. Colibri Guest House on Praslin Island is nestled in an area away from the busier beaches. This means you and your partner can share the beach with only 12 other parties (or less), making it feel as if you have the entire area to yourself. The rooms reflect the genuine beauty of Seychelles by having spacious windows overlooking the water and nearby small islands, organic wooden ceilings and furnishings, granite rock showers and more. Staff at the guest house will share secret spots with you for you to go on a hiking or snorkeling excursion. You’ll want to reserve a “dinner for two” where you and your partner will be escorted to dine at a private spot under the stars.

chalets cote mer

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Chalets Cote Mer

Operated by the same family as Colibri Guest House, Chalets Cote Mer is ideal for traveling families looking for a quiet getaway or guests who plan to stay for an extended amount of time. The chalets are designed to feel like an apartment rather than an inn with its full-sized kitchens, living room, and enough bedding to sleep up to five guests. Come hungry, you’ll love the Creole chef on the premises that uses only locally sourced and organic ingredients to make your meal. Guests will be welcomed to use the luxury pool as well as enjoy the panoramic ocean view that’s available in every room.

anse kerlan

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Anse Kerlan Beach Chalets

Live like a local at Anse Kerlan Beach Chalets on Praslin Island, where you’ll have a self-catering accommodation and apartment-like room with its own veranda. The inn is family-owned and has its own private beaches that overlooks neighboring islands like Mahe, Cousin, Silhouette and more. The secluded area is also known for its Hawks Bill turtle population and they frequently lay their eggs in the vicinity from September to February (you just might be lucky enough to catch baby turtles hatch). Guests rave about the chalet’s isolated location, giving them the perfect destination to relax and unwind in a gorgeous climate.

le manglier

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Le Manglier Guesthouse

For a place to see little to no other guests, you might want to consider Le Manglier Guesthouse that has only three rooms available per night. Located on Mahe Island, the guesthouse is conveniently close to the airport, but you wouldn’t know it due to its isolated and very private spot in the midst of lush wilderness. The guesthouse is in one two-story building and the three rooms are truly Seychellois with floral theme motifs. Le Manglier Guesthouse is ideal for guests who are looking for a quick route to the airport without having the burden of being in tourist trap hotels.

sailfish beach villas

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Sailfish Beach Villas

Rent out one of the two available houses at Sailfish Beach Villas on the bay of Anse la Mouche on Mahe Island for seclusion and unbelievable views. There are two fully-furnished villas to choose from, the Deluxe and Standard that both come with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and an incredibly large balcony overlooking the sea. Guests will feel as if they live on the island since they have the entire villa to themselves with full amenities of TV, fast Wi-Fi, and other modern hook ups.

pirogue lodge

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Pirogue Lodge

There are only six rooms available at Pirogue Lodge on Praslin Island, but you’ll feel like you’re staying at a lavish high-end resort. This place is ideal for guests who love the convenience of resorts without the crowd. It also features a grand dining room where guests will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lodge has a reserved beach area so you’ll get to lounge in the sun without dealing with the hassle of the crowds. Each room has its own ocean view to ensure you take in the full beauty that is Seychelles from the comfort of your room.

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