Our Favorite Guest Farms In Namibia

You can stay in swanky resorts catered to tourists or you can go off the beaten path and stay at some of Namibia’s secluded guest farms to get a taste of the stunning, rural landscape. By staying in these guest farms (often called farm stays), you’ll catch a glimpse of what it’s like to live in an isolated land among herds of cows or incredible gardens. Not to mention, some of the farms are in ideal locations where it’s common to have curious giraffes or elephants visiting the grounds. So cancel your reservation at your tourist trap hotel and opt for some of these farm stays instead. Here are the top guest farms in Namibia.


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Otjohotozu Guest Farm

Tucked away near the sleepy town of Omaruru and the breathtaking Erongo Mountains is Otjohotozu Guest Farm. Because of this farm’s destination in the wilderness, expect to find zebras, giraffes, cheetahs and even rare, endangered species like black rhinos to be seen in the area. The farm is near a popular watering hole, making it a hotspot to view some of the wildlife in the area. Staying here will make you feel as if you’re staying with a friend as you go for a scenic hike in the Erongo mountains or take advantage of its refreshing pool surrounded by exotic trees. Activities include game drives, sundowner drives and a tour to see ancient rock art left behind by the early indigenous people.

guest farm hohewarte

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Hohewarte Guest Farm

If you’d rather not be isolated or venture too far from Namibia’s most populous city, Windhoek, you may want to consider staying at Hohewarte Guest Farm. Walk up to a plantation-like farm surrounded by tall orange-colored grasses and you’ll know you’re in for a cozy retreat. Rooms are made to feel colonial-era and the farm is surrounded by a dry savanna, rivers, and mountains, making it a great spot to explore the outdoors. There are only seven rooms available per night, so it’s advised to book as soon as possible. Game drives are included as part of the farm stay and guests can gather around an outdoor fire pit by the farm after the safari ride to discuss all the incredible animals spotted.

white house guest farm

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The White House Guest Farm

Stay at a picturesque guest farm with an authentic rural countryside that’s aesthetically pleasing enough to be featured in a glossy interiors magazine. The White House Guest Farm is near Grunau and consists of small cottages in a wide open desert landscape, stretching as far as the eye can see. The cottages come with its own kitchen, meaning this is an ideal place for an extended stay where visitors can host their own braai (barbecue). The building was built in 1912, so you’ll get a touch of history during your stay. Make plans to stick around for dinner, the owners will make home-cooked lamb to treat their guests.

savanna guest farm

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Savanna Guest Farm

Also located in Grunau by the Fish River Canyon is another fantastic guest farm, this time on a Namibian sheep farm. At Savanna Guest Farm, guests will get to stay in an early 1900s building that belonged to a German family. Today, much of the farm’s look is proudly German and owners will take guests to meet its award-winning livestock like the “Droper Sheep Stud” and Arabian horses that are trained on site. Meals served on the farm are locally sourced using lamb or venison and are paired with a glass of delicious Namibian or South African wine.


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Namibgrens Guest Farm

Are you ready to have your mind blown from this one-of-a-kind guest farm? In Windhoek, Namibgrens Guest Farm is unique for its villas that are built into a mountain, exposing rocks as part of its interior. This luxury guest farm has striking views of the desert and guests can relax in its lounge area to admire the rock formations, from inside and outside the hotel. Guests can also choose to camp out on the guest farm by pitching tents on its designated campsite. Wow your significant other by booking the Bushman Rest house that’s built to be a romantic, honeymoon-style suite with its own swimming pool, and of course, gorgeous boulders as the feature of its interior decor.

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