The Tantalizing Restaurants Of Meknes, Morocco

Often overlooked by more popular cities, Meknes is a hidden gem in northern Morocco with ancient architecture in pristine condition from the 17th century. The city is surrounded by hilly terrain, making it a remarkable place to take in the scenery where old buildings contrasts with nature. But you’ll also want to bring along your appetite when you go, as Meknes is home to some fantastic restaurants to get your Moroccan cuisine fix. Here are the most tantalizing restaurants in Meknes, Morocco.

riad d'or

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Riad d’Or

Riad d’Or is one of the most well-known places with its own fabulous restaurant serving up traditional fare like tagines and couscous. The menu is seasonal and changes frequently, meaning guests will have something new to try on each visit and dine on nothing but the freshest produce, meat and fish. Diners will get a glimpse of what its like to eat like royalty in a gorgeous atmosphere surrounded by mosaic and other detailed artworks in the building. Amp up your dining experience by booking a stay at the riad.

le collier

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Le Collier de la Colombe

Eat al-fresco style on the rooftop of Le Collier de la Colombe, where you’ll admire the skylines of Meknes and the surrounding nature. The name roughly translates to “the necklace of the dove,” and the restaurant’s goal is to make the place feel as magical as possible. Dinner includes traditional tagine bowls full of couscous and fresh cuts of meat or seafood. If you prefer to dine inside, you’ll enjoy the pillars covered in mosaic art, burnt orange walls, murals and stained glass windows as part of the decor. Spice up your dinner by ordering a bottle of wine to pair with your tagine.

palais meknes

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Palais Terrab

Go big when you visit Meknes by dining out at Palais Terrab, a restaurant so stunning that it’s frequently used for weddings. When dining there, you’ll admire the wall-to-wall Moroccan mosaic art and chandeliers to set the swanky mood. If you’re dining with a group, you’ll want to order some of its crazy large dishes that are an incredible work of art. Seafood platters are heavily decorated and carefully designed to resemble wedding cakes, making this one of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in all of Morocco.

restaurant salma

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Restaurant Salma

Find a less-frilly restaurant with authentic dishes at Restaurant Salma, where you’ll dine Moroccan style with freshly cooked tagines. Olives and bread are brought out before meals, and an organ player will play some music for the diners as they eat their kebabs. Or head to the roof and dine outside to enjoy the view of the ancient Meknes city. Its advised to save room for dessert as you’ll want to try some of its pastries or cookies served with a cup of coffee or Moroccan mint tea to wrap up the dinner.

riad ratij

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Riad Ratij Restaurant

If Interview With the Vampire took place in Morocco, Riad Ratij Restaurant would be the perfect setting for it. Surrounded by velvety furniture, golden pillars and marble floors, guests will feel as if they’re dining in a grand ballroom instead of a restaurant. On select nights, Berber musicians will come out and perform for the diners, playing various traditional Moroccan instruments. Diners can try out traditional Moroccan cuisine in this glamorous setting. Its advised to book a stay at the riad, that way after dinner, you can easily retreat to the bedroom with blood red drapes and lavish mosaic floors to make your night a grander experience.

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