New Yoga Retreats Opening Up Across Africa

The serene nature and remoteness of Africa make it an ideal location for yoga retreats. And while there are already quite a few places to do yoga across the continent, more and more places are starting to offer and even specialize in it. But before you do your downward facing dog in a stunning landscape, find out what’s up and about in the yoga world of Africa now.

Across Morocco, yoga retreats are popping up like mushrooms by a new organization, Sunny Side Up. The new wellness travel company was started up by two passionate yoga enthusiasts, Nisma Benani and Charaf El Mansouri. The yoga retreats are already scheduled in several cities with its own theme such as Of Jazz & Joy in Tangiers, Yoga & Art in Marrakech, and Yoga & Meditation in the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Or if you love to explore, you don’t want to miss out on Hiking & Yoga in the Atlas Mountains, a retreat where you can do rejuvenating stretches while enticing the adventurist in you.

But Sunny Side Up isn’t the only yoga retreat taking Africa by the storm. Fine Collection, a popular sales and marketing agency recently joined forces with Chloe Yoga with a mission to educate people of various ages and skills to learn the tools of mastering yoga. The goal is to enhance the well-being in their lives by learning the art of yoga. Part of the two companies’ plan is to add yoga as an attraction and amenity to the hotel market to attract a crowd looking to clear their body, mind and spirit. Recently, the four-star Krystal Beach Hotel in Gordon Bay’s Harbor became the first accommodation that puts their goal on the map. Founder Chloe Guilhermino explains that it’s all about “putting the treat back into the retreat.”

In addition to the yoga retreat, Chloe Yoga hosts weekly Facebook Live yoga sessions, so participants can keep up with their new routines. However, it’s highly suggested to join in one of the retreats for a full-on experience in the midst of stunning nature and mingle with like-minded folks to learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle. Yoga isn’t the only activity taught at the retreat, meditation and Kundalini is a large part of its project for visitors to learn how to change their breathing and get better sleep. Healthy food is served as part of the retreat, with everything from meat options to vegetarian fare to promote a wide range of ways to live as a healthy individual.

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