Two of South Africa’s Neighborhoods Among World’s Coolest

Forbes is widely known for its well-researched lists of the top places to see. This year, two of South Africa’s neighborhoods made their way on to the Forbes’ list of  “The 12 Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World,” citing Johannesburg’s Maboneng and Cape Town’s Kalk Bay as the hippest places to be.

Formerly a destination where segregation ran strong, Maboneng grew into a prosperous neighborhood full of cultural attractions to welcome people of various backgrounds (a complete opposite transformation of its disappointing past).

Maboneng has been cited as a “lively urban area with blossoming art and culinary scenes” such as the Museum of African Design, Little Addis Cafe and Blackanese Sushi & Wine Bar. In other words, if you’re looking to meet the local cool folks, this is the place to be. Interested in going? You can learn more about why this urban corner is garnering attention and all the fun things to do during your visit.

Forbes’ list named Cape Town’s Kalk Bay due to its stunning landscape. “The former fishing village Kalk Bay is attracting more than the local surfer community”

kalk Bay Ours Cafe Cape Town

(Zaian/Wikimedia Commons)

the article reads before citing that the village’s quaint cafes, rustic fishing boats and colorful storefronts is what draw in the tourists.

And not to mention, the breathtaking backdrop of mountainous ranges surrounding the bay.

The village’s own Olympia Cafe got an honorable mention as well as an “ideal launching pad” for coastline exploration. Other restaurants worth checking out in the colorful village include Lekker, Kalky’s and  The Brass Bell. The three are waterfront destinations to take in the full splendor of the bay. Other places that made its way into Forbes’ list are Athens’ Keramikos, Amsterdam’s Noord, Washington D.C.’s Navy Yard and Barcelona’s Sant neighborhood. If there’s anything that’s worth bragging about for South Africans, after the United States, there’s no other country that made it on the list twice.

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