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Kalk Bay Harbour, Kalk Bay, South Africa



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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2015 · morgantrimble

    Kalky’s is about as far from fine dining as you can get, but it’s a Cape Town institution and favorite...

    Kalky’s is about as far from fine dining as you can get, but it’s a Cape Town institution and favorite among locals and tourists alike for amazing, fresh fish and chips. Kalky’s is a little shack built right on the harbor in Kalk Bay on the Cape Town peninsula where the fishermen come in to unload their haul. In fact, there’s a fish market right outside the restaurant where locals come to get the freshest catch.

    So, you know the seafood at Kalky’s is fresh. The restaurant itself is a chaotic and colorful place with all the charm and beauty of, well, a gritty working harbor. But it’s my favorite for a fresh fish and chips experience that is so Cape Town. The line to place an order at the till often runs out the door and the clientele is mostly local, unlike a lot of popular Cape eateries, so you know the food is fantastic and fairly priced. Kalky’s only takes cash, and conveniently, you pass an ATM as you wait in the queue. It’s wise to have your order ready when it’s your turn at the till as the staff don’t have time for pleasantries. After you order, grab a set of plastic cutlery from the box near the window and try to stake out a table. Then, wait for your number to be called. And be attentive! Don’t lose your receipt!

    Fresh fried hake and chips is the best; it’s an enormous piece of fish. The fried calamari strips are also great and you can get it in a combo with the fish. Unfortunately, I’ve never made it at the right time for the crayfish special, but I’m hoping to in the future! The menu is actually pretty big, but the fish and calamari is so good, I haven’t ever gotten too adventurous in ordering. If you go with a group, there are some great platter options to try a little bit of everything. Kalky’s is a local experience not to be missed, and it’s always fun to take a stroll along the harbor and see what fish are available. Be on the lookout for seals!

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