Top Spots For Jaw-Dropping Photo Ops In Seychelles

Seychelles is a tropical paradise that’s gorgeous wherever you go, but with these specific destinations throughout the island, you’ll find some of the most gorgeous views. It’s time to bust out your camera (or phone) and take some of the most fabulous photos that’ll make your friends and family back at home seeth with envy. From lush beaches, to isolated sprawls of islands, to hilly terrains, here are the top spots in Seychelles for stunning photo opportunities.

Anse Major

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Anse Major

Need a new background for your computer screen? Anse Major is the answer.


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For the best view to see the cluster of tiny islands from the mountaintop, Copolia will not disappoint you.

beau vallon beach

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Beau Vallon Beach

Beau Vallon Beach is a quiet location known for these enormous beached rocks, making this spot a must-see for photos ops.

ile coco

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Anse Cococ

Looking for that strange spot where you’ll end up scratching your head? Then the rocks on Anse Coco will have you wondering if you found the underrated version of Stonehenge.

mont flueri botanical gardens

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Mont Flueri Botanical Gardens

While the flowers and plants are breathtaking, you’ll want to come here for the giant tortoises that are more than happy to smile for your photo shoot.

hindu temple

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Hindu Temple in Victoria

Victoria is home to the mesmerizing Hindu Temple of many colors. The building has many small figurines delicately carved into it, giving tourists so much to look at, and of course, take photos.

sir selwyn clarke

Courtesy of So Seychelles/

Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

Go to the heart of Seychelles by visiting Sir Selwyn Clarke Market to snap up photos of locals selling the finest produce and other goods. And while you’re there, try out some new, exotic fruit.

baie ternay

Courtesy of Olivier Cochard-Labbe/

Baie Ternay Marine National Park

On Mahe Island, this park has some of the best snorkeling and diving spots to see tropical fish and colorful coral reefs. Of course, you’ll want to invest in waterproof cameras for this.

praslin island

Courtesy of Nina/

Valle de Mai

This park on Praslin Island is full of lush wilderness that looks like it has been untouched by humans. It’s also home to the rare coco de mer palm trees.

cousin island

Courtesy of tiarescott/

Cousin Island

Birders, this spot is for you. Cousin Island is reputed to be the best location to find exotic birds of many colors. Rare bird species have been reported to be found here and you just might be lucky enough to capture them on camera.

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