Beach Camps In South Africa You Don’t Want To Miss

When we think of camping, most of us think of pitching tents in the middle of the woods for an evening gathered around a bonfire. But camping gets a little more interesting when its on a beach. Especially in South Africa. Whether it’s setting up a tent right on the sand for a glorious evening under the stars, or parking your RV in a designated area facing the ocean, South Africa has every type of beach campsite to cater to your needs. Here are some marvelous beach camps in South Africa you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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The Beach Camp – Tietiesbaai

Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of pitching tents and that’s where The Beach Camp in Tietiesbaai comes in. Two hours north of Cape Town, the campsite has built-in tent-like cabanas directly on its shores for beach goers to access the ocean within steps. There is a communal kitchen on the site as well as a shared bonfire with nearby picnic tables for guests to take advantage of.

Mabibi Beach Camp – Mabibi

Located on the Maputaland coast, Mabibi Beach Camp allows camper to have convenient access to a beach, lake and rich wilderness. Visitors especially love to go out of their way to the campsite for its fabulous snorkeling spot where your guaranteed to see hundreds of tropical fish swimming in and out of coral reefs. Campers will also have a choice between staying in a self-catering unit (pictured above) or camp in tents by the dunes for an off-the-grid atmosphere with no access to electricity. The site is popular for viewing sea turtle hatching, where hundreds of baby turtles make their way to the sea. Contact the camp in advance to find out when the next turtle hatching season is so you can plan your family trip around it and witness a natural marvel.

Victoria Bay Caravan Park – George

Camp at the foothills of a mountainous range in Western Cape. Word has it, the ocean here is a popular location for surfing, thanks to its gigantic waves. In fact, this is where they host many of South Africa’s surfing competitions. Right by its shores are small beach caravans in Victoria Bay Caravan Park available for rent and guests can take advantage of its prime spot facing the sea. Families can also park their RVs in this area and access some of the park’s many amenities like golfing, hiking trails, fishing and more. It’s also common to spot dolphins and whales swimming close by.

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Pisces Diving Camp – Sodwana Bay

In Sodwana Bay (not far south of Mozambique in Kwa-Zulu Natal), Pisces Diving Camp is a one-of-a-kind campsite for both snorkelers and divers to practice their favorite activity while camping overnight right by its diving spot. Divers can either opt to stay in their own tents or rent a small one-room, fully-furnished cottage for their camping needs. Divers can also join a boat tour to head further out into the ocean for dolphin and whale sighting directly from the campsites.


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Umlalazi Camp – Mtunzini

Turn your beach camping experience into a live safari trip. Located in the heart of Umlalazi Nature Reserve, a designated campsite is reserved for nature enthusiasts who wish to have access to the beach while seeing a wealth of wildlife. Campers can either stay in their own tents or rent a caravan. Once settled in your camp, head out to its beach or walking trail to look for wildlife. There, you’ll find a gang of mischievous monkeys, rhinos, bats and the incredibly rare palm nut vultures. The vultures are believed to be the rarest bird found on the continent. Multiple activities in this park include cycling, horse back riding, diving, fishing and of course, basking in the sun at some on the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

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