Restaurant Of The Week: About Thyme, Nairobi

Every time I visit this restaurant I think of the adage ‘still waters run deep.’ Secluded in leafy surrounds opposite Eldama Park (at the Eldama Ravine & Peponi Road junction), you would not know this place exists when you drive by because it is hidden by a high fence and foliage. It puts the most modern GPS to the test, but when you find it, it is so worth it. It is not every day that you can have a meal accompanied by the sound of birds chirping.

About Thyme is a hidden gem that would be great place for an early lunch — or an intimate dinner, because of the fantastic aesthetics and lighting. The restaurant’s motto is “Eat, Drink, Don’t Think” and the surroundings are quite fitting. There is an indoor seating area, and outside tables and are surrounded by flowers, leafy plants and trees. At night, lanterns and candles create an amazing glow. I was awed by the leafy surroundings, and how the proprietors had managed to create this inviting and memorable space.

The menu has an international array of foods ranging from salads to retro quick lunch meal-deals. All the items are carefully and interestingly prepared and presented, from the duck triangles (deep-fried pastry with a filling of Oriental duck and vegetables served with a soy and ginger dipping sauce) to the lamb stew with lemon and figs (lamb cubes gently cooked in a spicy gravy with lemon and figs served on a crispy noodle cake and topped with thick minted yogurt).

However, what I enjoy most is the dessert. After inquiring with the owner, Deborrah Swali, she told me that the desserts are prepared in-house with the finest ingredients, like fresh cream and pure butter. In fact, I wish I had not eaten so much dinner, because I really wanted to stuff myself with macadamia parfait, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate mousse. They also have a bar at which you can enjoy their fantastic cocktails, including the signature mojitos. I ordered a tamarillo fruit cocktail which was a bit watered-down, but after trying some other cocktails on subsequent visits, I was impressed.

The wait staff are very friendly and suggested a great table for us. The location is great for people living in the Westlands area of Nairobi because of its proximity to the area. If you are hanging out in Nairobi, do yourself a favor and check out About Thyme!

They also have a current special during Nairobi Restaurant week of a 3 course dinner and more until Sunday February 4, so be sure to check it out!

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