Going Green On Vacation – The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In Morocco

When it comes to eco-friendly hotels, Morocco is one of the leaders in Africa. Many hotels in the country are making great strides, one LED light bulb at a time. From exclusive riads in Marrakesh, to luxury high rise resorts in cosmopolitan Casablanca, to glamping in the desert, these eco-friendly hotels have exactly what you’re looking for.


Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge – Agadir

The newly constructed Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge pays homage to the ancient architecture of red-clay colored fortresses and features the interior of traditional Berber furnishing. While Atlas Kasbah strives to maintain its old-charm appeal, its facility is anything but old-fashioned. Recycling is a strict policy along with composting food waste. Hotel staff are trained rigorously to adhere to the rules of keeping the establishment green such as conserving water and heat. The hotel has won multiple awards for their eco efforts including the Ministry of Responsible Tourism Award.

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