5 Hotel Pools In Morocco We Want To Dive Into

Morocco can be hot. Everyone knows that. But did you know that the country is home to some of the most extravagant pools where visitors can cool off to beat the toasty weather? These hotels know the key to making their customers happy is providing the most luxurious pools. So pamper yourself by the water and bask under the swaying palm trees, here are 5 hotel pools in Morocco we want to dive into, now.

sofitel rabat

Courtesy of Joe Kennedy

Sofitel Jardin des Roses – Rabat

In order to get to this luxury pool from your room at Jardin des Roses, clients will have to stroll through the Andalusian garden filled with 3,000 roses(can you smell the sweet scent in the air?). Once guests arrive to the pool, they’ll be treated like royalty with their own purple tented cabanas, clean towels and loungers. Guests particularly enjoy the quirky statues surrounding the pool. And while you’re lounging in the sun, you’ll be accompanied by the sensuous smell of the nearby roses.

l'amphitrite palace

Courtesy of lamphitrite-palace.com

L’Amphitrite Palace – Skhirat

Imagine floating belly up in this inifity pool with a stunning view of the North Atlantic Ocean. The pool at L’Amphitrite Palace has an optical illusion that makes guests feel as if they’re swimming in the ocean, making this one of the best swimming spots in the country. Skhirat is nestled between Rabat and Casablanca and is a popular resort town.

riad yasmine

Courtesy of Riad-Yasmine.com

Riad Yasmine – Marrakech

Looking to avoid a busy pool full of screaming children doing cannonballs? Then consider the fabulous boutique hotel, Riad Yasmine in Marrakech, where its pool provides an intimate atmosphere in paradise. Swimmers will be surrounded by exotic mosaics, plants, furniture and stunning architecture. Laziness has never looked this good.

l'amandier hotel

Courtesy of Lamandierhotel.com

L’Amandier Hotel – Marrakech

A picture is worth a thousand words. At this incredible hotel, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains from the comfort of your pool. Not to mention, as soon you dry off from dipping in the pool, you can go for a scenic walk through the hotel’s personal garden that features olive and citrus trees.

la mamounia

Courtesy of La Mamounia

La Mamounia- Marrakech

Who says the best pools are outdoors? The exotic indoor pool at La Mamounia will have you feeling like a sultan being waited on hand and foot. Visitors can’t get enough of the striking mosaic walls and golden pillars that surround the pool. But if you want to sunbathe, La Mamounia has an additional outdoor pool.

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