Top Wildlife To Look For In Etosha National Park

Exploring Etosha National Park will make anyone feel as if they stumbled upon an alien planet. The massive park is home to one of the largest salt pans in the world and visitors enjoy the vast landscape with Mopani trees and watering holes. However, despite the dry landscape, the area is lush in its wildlife, attracting visitors from around the world to see exotic animals. Here are the top animals to look for on your next trip to Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Etosha Rhino

Courtesy of NH53/

Black Rhinoceros

When exploring the park, be on the look out for these incredibly rare and endangered black rhinos. They are difficult to find as they tend to come out to the watering holes at night. But if you spot one resting during the day, count your lucky stars, you are among the few who succeeded in spotting them.

Etosha Mongoose

Courtesy of Laika ac/


These aren’t anything like your pet ferrets. Mongooses are the menacing creatures of the park and they spend their days foraging for insects and stealing bird eggs from nests. They are incredibly easy to find as they travel in groups. So if you spot one, there’s at least thirty more lurking.

One of the many cheetah at HESC / Rishav Nair


Namibia’s favorite big cat, the cheetah can be found in the park as well. They spend their time sleeping or hunting for kudu or springboks and visitors can sometimes witness their predatory skills in action.

Etosha Zebra

Courtesy of Henning Supertramp/


These docile animals are easy to spot, thanks to their stripes. It’s not uncommon to find hordes of the black and white beasts lounging around the watering holes.


Travelers can find the African Bush Elephants right in the heart of this park. They are the tallest species of elephants with shorter tusks. The park is reputed to have about 2,500 of these elephants roaming in the area (some in herds of up to 50).


Courtesy of Wagon16/


A-what-wolf? Most people have never heard of this hyena-related creature that can be found roaming in the park. With a name that sounds straight out of a Game of Thrones book, the aardwolves are stunning and make fabulous photos on your trip.

pangolin in madikwe

Photo courtesy of David Brossard / flickr


Pangolins are rapidly becoming extinct due to their scaly-like skin, but the poor creatures can still be found meandering through the park. It’s difficult to spot them, but once you see them, they’re a marvelous sight to see.

Bat-eared Fox

Better hope you see them before they hear you with their gigantic ears. They can be found lounging under trees and are considered to be valuable to the ecosystem as they help control the termite population.

Etosha Lion

Courtesy of dconvertini/


The true beasts of the park you’ll want to see are the majestic lions. Females are more active and responsible to hunt for meat while the males keep the pride in check.

Tip: Stay at the Etosha Mountain Lodge for a spectacular time and convenient stay.

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