Where The Wild Things Are: 10 Of The Best Water Holes In Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park in northern Namibia is probably one of the best wildlife parks in all of southern Africa, the game viewing at its water holes unmatched. The best time to visit is in the dry season months of June to September when temperatures are usually in the mid- to high twenties (Celsius). This is also when the water holes around the 4800 square kilometre salt pan act as a magnet for animals that need to drink, bringing them close enough for you to get photographs even without a heavy, high-priced telefoto lens.

There are more than 40 water holes in Etosha, each with its own strengths – unless they’re dry or there’s water everywhere in the veld after good rains, which usually fall between November and April. For the most consistently good wildlife sightings over the years, here are 10 of my favourites.

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