10 Uniquely Moroccan Souvenirs To Nab Before You Leave The Country

Whether you’re browsing through Marrakesh’s souks, visiting the leather tanneries in Fes, or enjoying the hustle and bustle of Casablanca’s busy streets, it’s essential to bring back a piece of Morocco with you from your trip. You might be asking — what’s uniquely Moroccan that you can pack into your bags to remind you of your adventure and make your home look more colorful? Don’t worry, we have the answers. Make some room over your fireplace, because it’s time for a new mantelpiece, here are the 10 uniquely Moroccan souvenirs to nab before you leave the country.

Berber Instrument

Courtesy of Ahron de Leeuw / Flickr

1. Berber Musical Instruments

The Berbers are one of the most isolated groups on the continent  and have been thriving for 4,000 years. They are known for their unique music and the odd instruments they use to perform. When venturing through souks, look for the sintir (three-stringed guitar), bendir (drums) and nai (flute) that are made with unusual designs.

Moroccan Rugs

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2. Rugs

People would pay an arm and a leg around the world to own a gorgeous Moroccan rug. Boucherouite rugs are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their funky colors and shaggy needlework. Much like Persian rugs, Moroccan’s hand-knitted pieces are identified for their exotic patterns and strong pops of colors (often in reddish hues). Take a rug or two home with you and they’ll make great conversation starters for when you have guests.


Courtesy of just_a_cheeseburger/Flickr

3. Tagine Potteries

If you’re a foodie traveling through Morocco, chances are, you’ve been served meals in these dome-shaped, gorgeous potteries. The earthenware pots add a cultural touch to the chicken and seafood dishes. Why not take home one of the pots cook a true Moroccan meal in your home? Tagines are incredibly easy to find in Morocco and come in many colors, so you can find a design that will match your kitchen.

Courtesy of Chris Brown / Flickr

4. Lamps

Moroccan lamps are stunning. The lamps come in many sizes, shapes and colors, making it easy to find exactly what you need for your home. They’re often made with stained glass, meaning when the lights go out, your home will be glowing with brilliant colors from the ceiling.


Courtesy of mhobl/Flickr

5. Djellaba

Both men and women can enjoy cozy Djellaba attire. Similar to a robe, the garbs provide a comfortable wear that are made with light fabric to withstand hot days. Travelers love to stock up on the comfy outfits to wear at home or to a social gathering (there are djellabas that are customized for fancy outings).

Leather shoes

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6. Dyed Leather

Did you know that Morocco is home of one of the best tanneries in the world? Fes is known for making some of the most beautiful leather goods and visitors can find evidence of the astonishing work in souks or bazaars. Look for shoes, lamps, bags, wallets, ottomans and tons of items made with the dyed leather.

Courtesy of Lee Cannon / Flickr

7. Tea Trays

Add a bit of glitz into your home by acquiring a Moroccan tea tray. Drinking mint tea is a common custom in Morocco and often served in the lavishly decorated brass trays. When friends and family pay a visit, bust out this baby to subtly create a conversation about your recent trip to Morocco.

Pashima Scarves

Courtesy of The Travelista/Flickr

8. Pashima Scarves

Pashima scarves will make anyone feel like royalty. They are designed with vibrant colors with a hint of gold and silver with tassels. You’ll find the scarves are reasonably priced in souks and make great gifts to bring back home for friends and family.


Courtesy of Valdiney Pimenta/Flickr.com

9. Spices

Cooks and foodies, you’ll want to jump in on this on your next trip to Morocco. When walking through the souks, you’ll notice barrels of spices including paprika, cayenne, saffron, coriander and more. The spices are specially made in the country and sell relatively cheap. You’d be hard-pressed to find better spices in your local grocery store.

Moroccan Sweets

Courtesy of fiat.luxury/Flickr

10. Pastries

When shopping around in a souk, if you notice a bee buzzing nearby, don’t swat it. The bees are most likely guests at a nearby pastry vendor. That’s right, you heard me. Pastry vendors bring their own swarm of bees to coat their pastries in honey, making it one of the most insanely delicious treats to snack on. Much of the pastries come in subtle, local flavors like citrus and jasmine. Take a batch home to share with your friends so they’ll get a taste of Morocco too.

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