Photo Essay: The Splendor Of South African Caves

Everybody knows that South Africa is a beautiful country when seen from above, but not many people know how beautiful it can be from below. The country’s rugged terrain features many hidden caves that have developed over the centuries and feature beautiful San rock art, stunning stalactites and soaring stalagmites. These South African caves will give you a new perspective on the country.

cango caves

Courtesy of Julie Laurent / flickr

The towering stalactites of Cango Caves

cave gansbaai


Peering out from inside a cave in Gansbaai

sterkfontein caves

Courtesy of Rick Tsao / flickr

Coming out of Sterkfontein Caves

sudwala caves

Courtesy of Rich Archer / flickr

Walking through Sudwala Caves

mossel bay cave


A cave lookout point in Mossel Bay

bridal chamber cango caves

Courtesy of jomilo75 / flickr

The bridal chamber inside Cango Caves

elephant cave bushmen cederberg


Bushmen cave paintings of elephants in Cederberg

throne room cango caves


The throne room inside Cango Caves

cave knysna

Courtesy of Allan Watt / flickr

A natural cave in the Knysna Heads

cave formation cederberg


Incredible caves and rock formations in the Cederberg Mountains near Clanwilliam

cango caves stairway


A stairway to heaven? No it’s just the Cango Caves

rock art limpopo

Courtesy of Joseph King / flickr

Fascinating rock art in Limpopo

cederberg cave stadsaal


Walking inside the Stadsaal caves in Cederberg Nature Reserve

gxalingenwa cave drakensberg

Photo courtesy of Rick McCharles / flickr

A waterfall above the Gxalingenwa Cave in Drakensberg

cango caves people


People look extra tiny inside the Cango Caves

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