The World Won’t Wait For You: 9 Travel Resolutions For 2016

Travel, it is said, broadens the mind. It also gets you off the couch, potentially makes you slightly more interesting and, if you do it right, gives you amazing memories to go with that tacky souvenir.

So whether you’re aiming to extend your intellectual horizons or just want a compelling justification for wearing a gaudy tropical shirt, consider adopting some travel resolutions for 2016.

Edward Frost, British Airways’ well-travelled commercial manager for South and East Africa, suggests these should at least include some of the following.

flying plane scared


Face your foibles

If an irrational fear of flying is preventing you from seeing loved ones or enjoying a holiday, do something about it. Courses such as Flying with Confidence have helped people from senior executives to children overcome their fears.  If you’ve not bothered to renew your passport, do it today. Not sure if you need a visa? Find out now.

bucket list notebook paper


Stop talking about your bucket list

It’s easier to find reasons not to do something than set the wheels in motion. Make 2016 the year you tick at least one of your lifetime travel wishes off your must-see list.

orlando towers soweto


Do something different

The best experiences often happen when you’re a bit daring. Visit somewhere unusual – British Airways starts flying to St Helena from Johannesburg later this year. Leave the hotel and eat where the locals eat. Speak to strangers and learn to get by in another language.

woman in tuscany


Leave the office behind

Use all your leave. Unplug or go somewhere there’s no mobile connectivity or internet access. You don’t need to Instagram every second of your trip. Take a beautiful snap, get it framed and put it on your desk as a reminder of your holiday and inspiration for your next trip.

couple sight seeing


Seize opportunities

“Bleisure” travel (business+leisure) is an awful contraction, but don’t be put off by the terminology. If you can add a few days to your business trip to see some of the sights, grab the chance.

holiday flight plane


Take advantage

If you fly regularly on business, join a loyalty programme. You can accumulate rewards for upgrades and even holiday flights  Also consider programmes that benefit your company; it could ensure your next business trip is more comfortable.

travel paperwork


Know before you go

It’s your responsibility to make sure you’ve got the right paperwork for the country you’re visiting and adhere to the local regulations. Check online, ask an expert or someone who’s been before, don’t make assumptions and remember that regulations can change.

phone app women bokeh


Suss the shortcuts

Stop putting it off. Download the BA app so you can check in and get your boarding pass on your mobile phone. Use the bag drop to skip the check-in queues and give yourself some extra time to shop for tacky souvenirs.

giving hands


Give and you will receive

If things go wrong, being friendly and polite is more likely to get you the outcomes you want, and potentially a bit more, than ranting and raving. Even when things are working as they should, being pleasant will enhance your experience and that of those around you.

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