Villa Medici

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1 Festival Road, Lagos, Nigeria

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4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Feb 2014 · ndavenport

    Villa Medici is away from the main cluster of eateries on Victoria Island and as such doesn’t get 'passing trade'...

    Villa Medici is away from the main cluster of eateries on Victoria Island and as such doesn’t get ‘passing trade’ From outside it could be a residential property apart from the small porch with inlaid mosaic and discrete signage. Those who do spot it are rewarded with a bamboo screen garden fringed by palms. Bamboo seating lie scattered around a centerpiece water feature. Inside the main bar runs the full length of one wall and it’s well stocked with premium spirits. The cool stone floors and understated lighting offer a stylish and intimate dining space whilst the Medici theme is picked up by Renaissance prints on the wall and Medici’esque crests on the soft furnishings. There’s even a painted ceiling in one alcove, though its depiction of clouds is not quite Michelangelo. There are elegant touches like the DuPont ashtrays on the bar and the back lighting on the inlaid bar fronts. Villa Medici has a decent range of wines from Europe and a large cocktail menu, with names like ‘liquid heroin’ they may not be the most politically correct but the mixture of peppermint liqueur and jaegermeister certainly has diners coming back for more. The cuisine sets a high standard with starters like Duck Roulade and Carpaccio alongside prawns in a variety of guises. For seafood lovers there is a choice of snapper, sole, sea bass, and yet more prawns whilst carnivores can pick from chicken, steak or lamb cutlets or shank. All dishes are cooked in a European style and served with panache equal to the surroundings. The eagle eyed Lebanese manager runs a tight ship and there is a keen eye for detail occasionally missing from other establishments. This attentiveness comes at a price, expect to pay N12-15000 a head.

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