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228 Long Street, Cape Town Central, South Africa


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3.5 rating based on 2 ratings
  1. Expert Review

    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2015 · morgantrimble

    Lola’s is a tiny, recently renovated, café set on a Long Street corner. It’s a popular spot for breakfast, lunch,...

    Lola’s is a tiny, recently renovated, café set on a Long Street corner. It’s a popular spot for breakfast, lunch, or just coffee and a snack. Lola’s has a bistro style setting where the specials of the day are displayed on a chalkboard. There are a few tables inside the tiny restaurant and also a few lining the sidewalk overlooking Long. The hours for Lola’s are generally day time (except for special weekend events), which is probably smart because Long Street turns into raucous party central in the evenings.

    I stopped by for a late lunch on a weekday and managed to get a seat even though the restaurant was very busy with both tourist diners and business lunch appointments. The menu at Lola’s focuses on what is seasonally available and uses free range and farm fresh produce delivered daily. It’s definitely a healthier selection than what is available at most Long Street eateries! Breads, cakes, and desserts are made in house daily. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well. The menu tries to do a bit of everything with influences from French, Greek and Mediterranean, Italian, Moroccan, Spanish, tapas, Thai, vegan, vegetarian, and Vietnamese.

    I tried the falafel sandwich which turned out to be an open sandwich of fresh and doughy white bread piled high with greens and tomatoes, topped with four falafel balls and hummus, tzatziki, and tomato and onion salsa. It wasn’t my favorite falafel ever, not as good as standard take out falafel, and the whole dish was a bit lacking in flavor. Perhaps by offering so many types of cuisine, Lola’s doesn’t really nail any particular specialty. Next time I would try something else because a lot of the food I saw served did look very tasty! Service was standard and the atmosphere was nice but a little cramped. For a Long Street eatery, Lola’s is a nice place. It’s clean, the food is fresh and healthy, and the menu is interesting.

  2. Expert Review

    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Dec 2014 · Grant

    Looking for a good breakfast for a good price? Look no further. Situated in the eclectic Long St, Lola's is...

    Looking for a good breakfast for a good price? Look no further.

    Situated in the eclectic Long St, Lola’s is a cool place to go. It was full as usual, but there was an outside table that became available as I arrived. It would have been my choice if I had one in any event, knowing there are few places quite like Long St to watch the people go by.

    Within five minutes of being seated the passing parade began, leaving not a single dull moment — all shapes, colors, persuasions and styles soon made an appearance on their way to or from the CBD.

    Right before me was the menu board: there are chalkboards both inside & outside the restaurant from which you can make your choice.

    Eggs Benedict — cant go wrong with that, I thought. And to drink I had smoothie — banana and tahini made with either yogurt or soy milk. Never having tried soy milk, I took that option — wrong choice for me, I should have taken the yogurt. It was “nice” but would have been really great with yogurt instead.

    But then the winner arrived, the eggs Benedict, served with grilled tomato, mushrooms & bacon. It was perfection, a textbook example.

    Lola’s has a great relaxed ambiance, that’s almost holiday-like. The place is spotless, inside and out, and the service is superb.

    I absolutely recommend it. I will most certainly be back to try the other meals at different times of the day, and of course to watch the natives in their natural habitat.

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