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    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Aug 2014 · Kiri Harper

    Being an avid meat eater, a restaurant with “lettuce” in the title made me initially skeptical. However, Lettuceat (pronounced “Let...

    Being an avid meat eater, a restaurant with “lettuce” in the title made me initially skeptical. However, Lettuceat (pronounced “Let Us Eat”) is in fact a breath of fresh air in a region not known for its salads or fresh vegetable cooking.

    Lettuceat is situated in a one-room ground floor premises on a quiet street in Zamalek. I went with a colleague and we were impressed by the cleanliness and general simplicity of the place. It has one communal table and we were the only people there. The restaurant is clean, with an almost sterile look, as all décor is white. It has a modern feel. Its layout gives you the feeling that this is a place for a quick meal, lunch or takeaway and not a full-on, sit-down meal.

    Lettuceat, unsurprisingly, specializes in salads and healthy eating. However, the salads are not your typical salads! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and contain all types of ingredients including mango, strawberry, duck, shrimp, nuts, salsa and even tortilla chips! It is truly amazing to see how much one restaurant can do with such a simple concept. In addition to the salads they have wraps, soups, desserts and dips. They also boast a selection of “butters” including freshly made hazelnut, cashew, almond and, of course, peanut butter.

    I had a smoked duck wrap for starters which was very tasty, before having the “mango summer blast” salad. Both were very good. In a culture which places little emphasis on healthy eating, the food options here are a welcome alternative. And, perhaps most importantly, the salad was tasty! It had flavour, and was sweet, tangy and nutty all at the same type. For other fellow salad skeptics: lettuce was not the main ingredient, and I was full afterwards! Both important things. Our lunch was fairly brief, but the staff were helpful. The service could be a little better, and my first choice of food was unavailable. I would definitely return and recommend it looking for a lighter, healthier option amongst all the rich food in Zamalek and pricier menus.

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