Left Bank

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53 Abou El Feda Street | Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt


Bakery, Coffee Shop, French


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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Aug 2014 · Rosie

    Left Bank is a Nile-side café and restaurant located near the northern tip of the island of Zamalek. It’s beautiful...

    Left Bank is a Nile-side café and restaurant located near the northern tip of the island of Zamalek. It’s beautiful in the morning, with peaceful views across to the houseboats moored on the other side of the river, as well as a perfect location to watch the sunset in the evening.

    The inside décor is as restful as the location. The light-filled interior includes couches and tables, with a classy white and silver theme. The floor of the restaurant is based on the street map of inner city Cairo, and the book shelves are designed to represent landmarks including the Cairo tower.

    The menu includes eating and drinking options for any time of the day. Breakfast (8am-1pm), bakery items, soups, salads, pizza, pasta, meat dishes and dessert, as well coffee, cold drinks, and alcohol.

    We chose a table outside next to the Nile, and ordered bruschetta served with a red pesto dip (45LE) as an appetizer. It was different than expected, as it was served on a flat bread rather than a baguette, but the taste was good. As a main, we had the ‘cocotte of farm feed’ (90LE), which was described on the menu as ‘chicken breast and leg with creamy mushroom sauce, served with pomme rosti (a potato dish)’ The chicken and mushroom sauce had a great flavor, but it was served with rice, carrots and zucchini, rather than potatoes and we weren’t informed of this change. The lemon juice with mint (20LE) was a refreshing drink on the hot summer’s evening.

    Left Bank is a perfect place to work, and if you go in the morning, there are always a few people working on laptops. This reviewer always takes visitors to Egypt to Left Bank, who always love the peaceful environment which is a contrast to the hectic mega-city of Ciaro. The food was expensive compared to the quality, and but we would come for breakfast and coffee in the morning, or a drink in the evening.

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