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341 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town Central, South Africa

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  1. Expert Review

    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Mar 2015 · BiancaFernandes

    Lost on Sea Point Main Road is the upmarket yet casual La Boheme Bistro and Wine Bar. With that ultra-fancy...

    Lost on Sea Point Main Road is the upmarket yet casual La Boheme Bistro and Wine Bar. With that ultra-fancy name, you can expect a wonderful menu and a team that are really passionate about what they’re doing. The food is simply incredibly and the owner is hands-on , offering top-notch service and an experience worth waiting for! The menu changes weekly at La Boheme and there’s always something new to try out, as well as the favourites that are always on offer. I know this because once you go to La Boheme, you’re going to want to go back week after week.

    Besides the warm and welcoming bistro, La Boheme is also a very popular wine bar where you’ll find a marvellous selection of alcohols. The wine bar definitely adds to the atmosphere of the place and makes you feel like you’re in an upmarket European bistro. Another big part of La Boheme is La Bruixa, their sibling espresso and tapas bar. La Bruixa has been around for a few years now and its ever-growing popularity has created a great vibe for La Boheme to become a part of. They offer fresh pastries, delicious coffee and evening tapas.

    For dinner, I tried the Kudu Fillet which is a great local South Africa dish and one I’d never tried. It was served with roasted potatoes and vegetables along with a rich, flavourful jus. I couldn’t believe how tender the Kudu was and the jus definitely brought out it’s wild flavour beautifully. What an incredible dish and one I’d recommend to anyone who wants to order daringly with a pleasant surprise in store. Another one of my favourites is their winning pork belly dish that is always on offer because the regulars just can’t do without it.

  2. Expert Review

    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2014 · morgantrimble

    La Boheme / La Bruxia is a wine bar, bistro, tapas and espresso bar all rolled into one. It’s owned...

    La Boheme / La Bruxia is a wine bar, bistro, tapas and espresso bar all rolled into one. It’s owned by the same folks as the burger and pizza joint, Engruna, next door. The menu is influenced by the tastes of the Spanish owner and throws some local favorites in as well. The menu is always changing and is written on chalkboards throughout the restaurant in bistro style. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and would be a nice stop off for a glass of wine or coffee and snack anytime.

    The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and feels like a European street-side bistro with tables arranged just off the sidewalk along Main Road in Sea Point. It’s clearly a favorite for a relaxing afternoon as it always looks pretty busy. I stopped in for a casual lunch and cappuccino. I was served up some delicious crisp focaccia with olive and garlic tapenade to start. Then I tried the sesame crusted fish cakes off of the lunch menu. It was two generous fish cakes served with potato wedges and a balsamic dressed salad. The food was good but not great. The fish cakes were very thick and a little stodgy inside, but the flavor was good. I think the fish was combined with a potato mixture that generated the unappealing texture, but I couldn’t quite tell for sure. The wedges and salad were good.

    The service was lacking. It seemed that they use a system where you’re not assigned a specific waiter, and whoever is available checks on you. I was served by four different people over the hour I was there for lunch. I’m sure it works great when it works, but it means no one is specifically looking out for you, and it feels a little impersonal. That said, prices were pretty good, so the value is there. La Boheme is a nice stop for a tapas snack and glass of wine, but there are better restaurant choices in the area for a really great meal.

  3. Expert Review

    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2015 · Grant

    A friend of mine lives about 50m away from La Boheme, and because I am always rushing past I have...

    A friend of mine lives about 50m away from La Boheme, and because I am always rushing past I have never bothered to go in. I have however noticed it is consistently full, lunchtime and dinnertime.

    So I went to visit my friend and he suggested we go for a quick bite on the corner. Off we went to La Boheme. He has always raved about the steak roll – it is more of a Prego type steak as opposed to a normal plain steak roll.

    We got there and there were two chalkboards at the entrance, one listing the tapas menu, the other listing the day’s normal menu. I saw pork belly on the list – and my mind was made up. We took a seat on the outside patio with a view of the passing parade. Waiter arrived to take our orders.

    “Pork Belly for me please”.

    “Sorry, it is finished” came the reply.

    Steak roll, steak roll, urged my friend. The waiter smiled and nodded.

    “Steak roll it is” I respond.

    Our meals arrived. The steak was served on a roll, topped with onion and a spicy sauce that seemed to contain garlic and perhaps very mild chili. It was served with a Caprese salad on the side and potato wedges. The steak was done medium, tender enough to even eat using a plastic knife and fork. The potato wedges, crisp on the outside and fluffy within. The salad could not be faulted either – crisp and fresh.

    The bill arrived. R50 for my meal — there must be a mistake? There was no mistake.

    One would pay more for a similar but vastly inferior quality meal from one of the national fast food franchise outlets.

    La Boheme is situated close to where I live and with the constantly changing menu, it’s sure to become a regular place for me, for better or for worse.

  4. Expert Review

    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2014 · Ishay Govender

    Since 2009 this small, corner bistro in Main Road, Sea Point has been serving consistently good, hearty fare at bargain...

    Since 2009 this small, corner bistro in Main Road, Sea Point has been serving consistently good, hearty fare at bargain prices. Over the years the three-course menus have barely gone up in price and the quality has ensured the place is packed most evenings, summer and winter.

    Bookings are always recommended for dinner and lunch tends to be quieter in the off-season so just pitching up should be good enough to get a table. Also the restaurant adjacent, La Bruxia is related, so you could always sit next door and order off the same menu. Both restaurants offer a tapas menu – think grilled calamari with chorizo, tender beef rump skewers, meatballs in tomato sauce, charcuterie platters and grilled sardines. The once generous patatas bravas is now a small plate with around 12 perfect tiny golden cubes of potato drizzled in a spicy aioli – a far cry from the robust and generous servings in Spanish bars.

    However, in summer, the tarpaulin is pulled back and the tables spill out onto the pavement giving one an inkling of Europe in Africa.

    The main menu offers nothing but comfort across the seasons with many dishes that haven’t moved off the board in years. The grilled pork belly and beef stews are large and comforting. Do keep space for dessert though – there are often lovely light cakes and rich tarts for a sweet ending.

    The wine menu is more than decent and the wines by the glass are also representative of some of the loveliest South African wines across all price points. If you’re going to indulge in a long weekend lunch of tapas, you’re probably going to order a bottle or two for your party – always more cost effective anyway. And, speaking of party, this is usually a good spot for birthdays, though you’ll be sitting very close to your neighbours, The indoor seating, especially on the long booth offers little privacy, so opt for a table outside – outdoor heaters provide ample warmth in winter.

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