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Hilton Hotel, City Hall Way, Nairobi, Kenya



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4.0 rating based on 1 rating
4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Nov 2015 · Jean Wandimi

    If you are ever in the Nairobi CBD and are looking for a nice place to unwind after a busy...

    If you are ever in the Nairobi CBD and are looking for a nice place to unwind after a busy day, this is it. This old hangout spot has a jockey theme and you can even see old dollar bills plastered on the walls. It is a British style pub embellished with jockeys, horses and other things reminiscent of this theme. If you are well past your early 20’s and you are not particularly fond of blaring music, try sipping a cocktail as you listen to live music from amazing live bands from Nairobi. When I visited I listened to an incredible band that did a fantastic cover of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. That alone had me sold.

    This is a laid back spot and the guests assume a very calm deportment. On the tables, I caught a glimpse of people sipping expensive beers and occasionally clapping for the band. I did not find the rowdy folk that inhabit the local.  I realised that this was a place for a more refined and mature crowd. The bartender told me that the bar runs an extended Happy Hour from 7pm to Midnight (buy one get one free) on all draft beers. If you do make your way to Jockey pub and the band sings one of your favorite songs, just remain sited and dance on your chair. For the time that I was there, I did not see anyone break a leg or lose their composure.

    The waitstaff also assume the same calm disposition as the guests. Yes you will get your order on time and the cocktails will impress you. In terms of cocktails, I’d recommend the mojito, pina colada & cosmopolitan cocktails. The bartender fixes up some mean, incredible cocktails.  Avoid the Manhattan. I didn’t feel it at all but you might like it. Oh, did I mention that they serve amazing spicy chicken? They also have great steaks and burgers for you to dig into when you decide to grab a beer with friends.

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